CORESense Overview

CORESense is a web-based multi-channel retail software application that manages four major areas of your retail business including:


The image below illustrates how CORESense functionality manages the fundamental business areas all in one integrated Back Office system.



The table below describes some of the functionality available to each business are and a link to more detailed information for each area.


Business Area

CORESense Capability

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Channel Management

All sales channels including POS, Sales Order Interface, Website, eBay and Affiliates and synchronized from a single product catalog. Products can be sold on one or more sales channels and can include channel-specific pricing and promotional rules. CORESense also supports both the sale and redemption of Gift Certificates and Value Cards.

Multi-channel Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage incoming and outgoing e-mail correspondence, send e-mail marketing campaigns and enable customers to manage their account, monitor orders and track shipments directly from your website.

Customer Relationship Management

Inventory and Supplier Management

Send and receive purchase orders directly from the CORESense Back Office. All inventory levels are maintained centrally and drive all sales channels and business operations in real-time. For physical tracking of inventory, CORESense enables you to define one or more warehouse locations, where each warehouse can have its own unique "topography", including support for unlimited locations "types" and hierarchical depth. For example, Aisle > Shelf > Bin.

Inventory and Supplier Management

Order Lifecycle Management

All orders from all sales channels are fulfilled using a single, centralized order lifecycle management system. CORESense supports picking, packing and shipping using direct, supported integrations to UPS and FedEx®. You can also send drop-ship purchase orders directly from the order.

Order Lifecycle Management






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