Search Filters in Product Manager

Product searches can be accomplished using a wide variety of product attributes. This section explains how to search for a product using the Product Manager. All entered search criteria are remembered from the last use.




Path: Back Office > Products > Product Manager




Tip: It is recommended that before each search that you click on the Clear button since the system maintains the criteria from the previous search.


The Product General Attributes filters provide all standard product search parameters. Each search parameter available in this sub-section can be displayed or hidden using custom field preferences.












Any barcode associated to the product.  An exact barcode match is required to display product search results.

Product Name

The product name.

Product ID

The unique CORESense product identifier.

Style/Model Number

The product part number. An exact part number match is required only if the Exact Match box is checked. By clicking the  None link, products that do not contain a part number are displayed.

Style Locator

The six-digit numeric value that is auto-assigned to products upon creation.  It allows for a unique identifier to be assigned to products that can be added to product labels to allow for tracking and/or placement identification within a retail store floor setting.

Product Type

The product type associated to the product. If the selected product type contains product type custom attributes, additional product type search parameters appear below the Custom Product Information section.

Required SKU ID

Displays all products related to the selected SKU as Base Inventory or Possible Inventory. Click icon-mag_glass.png to open the SKU Picker to search for the SKU, and click the SKU Label or Internal SKU to add it to the field box.  


The drop-down lists any existing Standard and Upgrade Groups as options, or the option to choose ANY if it is unknown whether the desired product is included in a Product Group or not.


The website category. This is a mult-select field.  All products assigned to at least one of the selected categories are displayed.


The product manufacturer.


The product status.


An attribute used to search for Club Membership products.  The Membership flag is set automatically on a product when it is defined as a Club Membership product type.


The Merchandise Hierarchy filters provide the ability to search products based on their assigned position in the Merchandise Hierarchy. The Titles (Department, Class, Sub-Class) can be renamed through the Merchandise Hierarchy Manager.  If the Titles are changed, the modified titles appear throughout the back office, including the Product Search area.








The highest level of the hierarchy tree. Such as ‘Shoes,’ or ‘Sporting Goods.’


The second level of the hierarchy tree. Using ‘Shoes’ as the example, this could be ‘Men’s Shoes’ and ‘Women’s Shoes.’


The lowest level of the hierarchy tree. Using ‘Men’s Shoes’ as the example, sub-classes could be ‘Dress Shoes,’ ‘Sneakers,’ ‘Sandals,’ etc.



The Custom General Attributes filters provide the ability to search products based on General Attribute values.  Each search parameter available in this section can be displayed or hidden using custom field preferences.





Products with description fields containing the text search term are displayed.


All Image entries are searchable using the full image path, or portions thereof (e.g. file name).  Thumbnail, Main, etc.


The remaining fields shown Material, Color, Season, Commission Rate, Commission Rate Type, Media Enabled, DOT, Markdown, are all examples of custom fields defined per CORESense Implementation.  To add or update custom attributes, contact CORESense support.

Needs Own Box

The “Needs Own Box” field indicates that this product requires its own box and should not be grouped with other order items. This is recommended for products that are kits and forces the system to box all SKUs for that kit in a single box. This ensures that a kit always packs and ships together and that no other SKUs are attempted to be boxed with a kit.



The Channel Attributes filters provide the ability to search products based on sales channels.  








Select a sales channel from the drop-down list. All channels for your business are available.


Select with either Yes or No for the selected channel's active status.



Search Results List

Product Search Results can be configured by CORESense to display a wide range of product information. To add or update Product Search Results fields, contact CORESense support.




Click hammer-wrench.png  in the Actions column, the product can be updated.

Click icon-checkbox.png   in the Actions column, the product can be deactivated.

Click  icon-duplicate.png  in the Actions column, the product can be duplicated.

The following information is displayed for each product in the Product Search Results:

ID – The unique CORESense product identifier, Product ID.

Product Name - The product name.

Product Type - The product type.

SKU Generation - The SKU generation type. This is either Manual or On-The-Fly.

Active? - The product status.  If this is Yes, the status is Active. If this is No, the status is Inactive.












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