Replenishment Tier Management

Product replenishment tiers are managed using the Replenishment Tier Manager. Replenishment tiers are used to alter the quantities ordered via Model Stock (for Grid products) and Reordering (for non-Grid Products) when creating Purchase Orders. This is necessary because inventory quantities change throughout the year based upon forecast sales, buying patterns, or changes in product supply.


The initial stock level set on a Product is considered a store’s standard or baseline level. Replenishment Tiers can be created to increase or decrease those established levels on a date-based need.


From this manager you can:



Path: Back Office > Products > Replenishment Tier Manager

Create a New Replenishment Tier

Follow the steps below to create a new replenishment tier.





From the Products > Replenishment Tier Manager > Search box, click the Create New Tier button.



Enter the tier information in the fields as described below.


Tier Label – Enter a descriptive name for the tier.

Multiplier – This is the amount by which quantities order via Model Stock is increased during specified time periods when creating Purchase Orders.

Start and End Date – The dates within which the multiplier is applied to Purchase Orders.

Expiration Year – The year the Replenishment Tier expires.


Click the Update button.


Click on the Show All link in the Search box to see the new tier in the Search Results  list.



To edit a tier, click on its hammer-wrench.png icon to access the attributes box and make any necessary updates.



Once tiers have been created, they can be assigned to products via the Product Replenishment Tier function.




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