Commission Rate Manager

The Commission Rate Manager is where you can create and store standard rates that can be applied to multiple affiliates. When you build standard rates, they display in the Commission Rate field of the Affiliate Manager General Attributes.




Create a New Commission Rate

Follow the steps below to enter a new commission rate into the system.





Click on the New Commission Rate button to enter a rate. Use naming conventions that easily identify the type of commission that is to be represented.


Enter the data for the new rate. You can set both Sales and/or Click based commission.


Commission Rate - If you have not built any standard rates, you can use the Custom option. Otherwise, any rates you have built are listed and available.

Per Sale - enter either dollar ($) amount or (%) amount earned for each sale.

Per Click - enter either dollar ($) amount earned for each click.

Cookie Expires - You set a cookie expiration based on weeks, days, hours, or minutes.

Lifetime Commission - Check this box to set the member a permanent commission recipient.


Click Apply and the new rate is listed in the Commission Rate field of the Affiliate Manager Commission section.




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