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The CORESense Seller Central integration allows retailers to deliver product feeds to for sale on that market place and then fulfill the resulting orders through CORESense.  The principal benefits for retailers who engage in this program are significant brand recognition and the ability to drive sales by placing their products in front of millions of consumers.


What is Amazon Seller Central?

Amazon Seller Central is a program offered by to enable retailers to sell merchandise within the marketplace. The basic process starts with a retailer placing their products (within defined categories) into the marketplace from which a consumer can then buy the merchandise. A consumer can purchase products from more than one retailer within the same shopping cart / checkout process. Once purchased, automatically distributes the orders to each retailer. The retailer is required to ship the product directly to the consumer and inform when items ship with associated tracking information. To make money, takes a percentage of the order total and pays the retailer periodically for shipped orders. This percentage is negotiated between the retailer and at the time of creating a new Seller Central Account.

How does a CORESense retailer sell on

In order to sell on, you must have an Amazon Seller Central account. If you do not already have an account, you can obtain an account here: By clicking on this link to register, you will not have to pay the initial setup fee.


What Amazon categories are supported today?

Today CORESense supports a total of seventeen of Amazon’s 25 categories including: Auto Accessories, Baby Products, Consumer Electronics, Health & Personal Care, Home & Garden, Gourmet Foods, Musical Instruments, Office Products, Pets, Sporting Goods and Tools. (NOTE: Some categories, known as “gated categories”, require specific permission from Amazon in order to list products.)


Can Amazon Support Multiple Brands/Accounts?

At this time, Amazon only supports one account per client, which can make it difficult to manage multiple brands. However, future efforts are being reviewed by Amazon to support multiple accounts.


What does CORESense communicate to Amazon?

The CORESense Back Office provides the following outbound communication with Amazon:

How does CORESense integrate with Amazon Seller Central?

CORESense integrates with by enabling you to sell products through as a separate sales channel. Similar to all other sales channels, you are simply required to activate the product on the sales channel and assign any required attributes. Once active on the sales channel, CORESense periodically updates Amazon with the product information and available inventory levels. Since does not support a means for inventory reservation, CORESense cannot eliminate out-of-stock scenarios; however these can be dramatically minimized since CORESense does send inventory levels to Once orders are placed through, CORESense automatically retrieves these orders and places them into CORESense. Once shipped, CORESense automatically notifies of the shipped orders. CORESense is not responsible for sending shipment confirmation emails to consumers due to policy.  Since you will receive payment at a later date from, CORESense does not apply payments at the time of order creation. Rather, CORESense provides an interface from which payments can be batch applied to orders based on a defined date range. Any returns processed for orders must be manually entered into the Amazon Seller Central interface. There is currently no automated means for sending returns information from CORESense to Amazon Seller Central.




Amazon and CompetitorEye

CORESense can be integrated with CompetitorEye (CE), which is used to monitor and update Amazon pricing. CE makes price changes directly in Amazon’s Seller Central, but also exports a pricing file which is received and imported into CORESense.  Also includes fields on the product channel that allow users to specify required business rules around price changes made by CE, including price floor, price ceiling, and percentage change. This new feature is a bi-directional integration with CE through the Data Feed Manager that provides the following:

  1. Export a product feed that is provided to CE for pricing analysis.
  2. Import a pricing feed from CE and update Amazon channel pricing in response.
If you are interested in integrating with CompetitorEye, you will need to contact them to setup an account. From there, you can follow the Data Feed Manager instructions ( in the CORESense Online Documentation to establish the integration.




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