Barcode Manager

This section explains all processes required to manage your barcodes, where a barcode is an identification code relating to a product and a set of SKUs. Barcodes are most commonly used in conjunction with the Point of Sale (POS) to scan an item to add it to the order or to receive new inventory. In addition, you can search for products and SKUs using the barcode identifier in many areas of the CORESense Back Office.


Path: Back Office > Products > Barcode Manager



  1. Create a Barcode
  2. Search for a Barcode
  3. Delete a Barcode
  4. Update a Barcode






Search Barcodes

To search for a Barcode, enter the search criteria in the Filter Barcode box in the Barcode Manager.


 The most common search criteria include:
  • Barcode Number
  • Creation Date
  • Product Name
  • Manufacturer
  • Product Type



  1. Enter the desired criteria.
  2. Click the Search button.
  3. Review results in the Search Results list.




tip.PNG Tip: Use the Barcodes Per Page drop-down to manage the number of barcodes listed in the search results.

Search Results

Search results are listed and the following action can be taken from the list.
  • Select barcodes for batch label generation
  • Click on Product and SKU links to open up product and SKU information
  • Launch the Barcode Label Generation Wizard for selected barcodes
  • Create a new barcode
  • Update barcode information
  • Delete a barcode in individually or in bulk.



Delete Barcodes

Barcodes can be deleted from the Barcode results screen based on a user permission. Select the check boxes next to the barcodes, then click on the "Delete Barcodes" button. This function is tied to a permission labeled, "Barcode Manager - Delete Barcode" and needs to be assigned to appropriate users.





Update Barcodes

Barcodes can be updated within the Barcode Manager.





Search for the barcode and/or product to be updated.


Select the hammer/wrench icon of the barcode to be updated.  

CAUTION: Do NOT click on the SKU link, as this will open up the SKU details in teh Inventory Manager.



Enter the new barcode and click on Update.



To update an associated SKU with a barcode, click on the Inventory tab of the barcode.

1. To remove the existing SKU, click on the X under the Action column.

2. Look up the SKU ID for the new SKU to be assigned to barcode.

NOTE: This is also a method to remove multiple SKUs assigned to a single barcode.



To update the associated product configuration for a barcode, that can be managed from the Product Configuration tab of the barcode by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down list.





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