Generate Barcode Labels

This section explains how to generate barcode labels using the Label Wizard within the Barcode Manager. The Barcode Manager enables you to generate labels for a single or multiple products.


Path: Back Office > Products > Barcode Manager





Search for the barcode(s) you want to generate labels for by entering the relevant criteria into the Filter Barcodes box and click Search.


tip.PNG  Tip: If you anticipate a large number of results, increase the Barcodes Per Page option.


From the Search Results, select the checkboxes of the barcodes to be generated. You can check the top checkbox to select all barcodes on the screen, however, if your results include more than one page, you will need to select the top checkbox for each page by clicking the Next button.



Once all barcodes have been selected, you can choose one of the following button options:

  • Barcode Label Generation Wizard to process only the currently selected barcode labels, OR

  • Batch Add Barcodes to add the selected barcodes and then perform another product search to add more barcodes to the label printing process.



The Wizard opens so you can complete the following:

  1. Select the channel that the labels are being printed for to ensure the correct pricing is applied.

  2. Select the label format as designed by your administrator.

  3. Select the appropriate printer for the labels.

  4. Check the box to print quantity of labels based upon current inventory

  5. Enter the desired quantity for each barcode.


tip.PNG  Tip: For large barcode lists that you want 2 or more printed for each, it is easier to re-run the wizard than to increase the quantity of each barcode.


Click Print Labels to generate the printing run. To clear all barcodes that were added as a batch, click on the Batch Clear Barcodes button.



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