Inventory and Supplier Management

CORESense Inventory and Supplier Management enables you to drive all sales channels and business operations in real-time from a single, centralized inventory source. Purchase orders can be sent directly from the CORESense Back Office using print, email or eFax® delivery methods. CORESense supports multiple vendors per SKU, case sizes, purchasing levels and incentives.

For physical tracking of inventory, CORESense enables you to define one or more warehouse locations, where each warehouse can have its own unique "topography", including support for unlimited location "types" and hierarchical depth. For example, Aisle > Shelf > Bin. CORESense also supports both warehouse-to-warehouse and intra-warehouse transfers.


The image below illustrates how CORESense inventory and supplier functionality manages the processing of pick, pack, and ship in the Back Office.




The table below describes some of the functionality of the pick, pack, and ship process.



CORESense Capability


Real-time inventory levels are synchronized across all sales channels.


Pick, pack and ship orders from your warehouses and drop-ship inventory directly from the vendor.

Purchasing and Receiving

Print, email or eFax purchase orders using case sizes, purchasing levels, and incentives






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