Multi-Channel Management

All sales channels including POS, Sales Order Interface, Website, eBay and Affiliates are synchronized from a single product catalog. Products can be sold on one or more sales channels and can include channel-specific pricing and promotional rules. CORESense also supports both the sale and redemption of Gift Certificates and Value Cards (gift cards).


The image below illustrates how CORESense multi-channel functionality manages the input of order entry and processing into the other business areas of the Back Office.





The table below describes some of the functionality available to each channel.



CORESense Capability


The CORESense Point-of-Sale (POS) sales channel is a stand-alone, web-based POS terminal for physical retail stores. All daily in-store operations such as opening and closing the register, completing an order, managing returns, and running end of day reports are fully supported from the easy-to-use interface. CORESense can support one or more POS terminals per retail location. If the internet goes down, the CORESense POS maintains full operations in "offline" mode. Once an internet connect is re-established, all information is re-synced to the central CORESense database.

Connect POS

Currently in beta, Connect POS is an enhanced POS that includes greater usability and is accessible from your POS terminal or any held-hand device with Internet access. Each terminal is assigned a token to activate the new system.


The Sales Order Interface (SOI) is a streamlined interface for placing new orders and is typically used by customer service or sales representatives. The SOI can also be used to check inventory availability, make a quote, or create a new customer account.


CORESense enables you to run one or more ecommerce websites from a single product catalog. CORESense offers both standard "best practices" website templates and fully customized websites. The standard website template includes the following capabilities:

  • Real-time inventory  The website operates in real-time from a single, real-time inventory source. This enables you to display real-time inventory levels and only sell what is available in your warehouses.

  • Cross-sells and Up-sells  Increase sales by providing additional, higher priced products to be considered with up-sells when customers are browsing on a product page. When they are ready to checkout, provide another chance for them to consider a compatible item through cross-sells.

  • eBay Checkout  When winning an eBay auction, customers checkout through your website and can choose to add additional items to their shopping cart.

  • Shipping Calculator  A customer can enter their zip code and receive calculated UPS™ and FedEx® shipping costs directly from the shopping cart.

  •® and PayPal® Integrations  The website checkout process is directly integrated into both Authorize.Net® (for all credit card transactions) and PayPal®.

  • Automatic Order Email Confirmations  An automatic order email confirmation is sent to the customer once the order is placed.

  • Customer Web Login  At any time, a customer can log into your website to manage their account, monitor order status and track shipments directly from UPS™ and FedEx®.


CORESense enables you to post auctions to eBay directly from the CORESense Back Office. Auctions can be posted individually, in batch, or be set up as repeating auctions. For each auction, you have the option of reserving inventory. By reserving inventory, you are setting aside a selected quantity of inventory to be sold through the eBay sales channel and ensuring the inventory is not sold on other sales channels managed by CORESense. Also, all winning eBay auction customers checkout through your website and can choose to add additional items to their shopping cart.

For advanced, high-volume eBay sellers, CORESense offers a direct, supported integration into ChannelAdvisor®, a leader in auction and marketplace management software.


CORESense enables you to manage affiliate programs directly from the CORESense Back Office. For each affiliate, you can set up commission structures for each sale or track clicks generated from a customer referred from an affiliates website.






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