Order Lifecycle Management

CORESense Order Lifecycle Management enables you to manage and fulfill all orders from a single, centralized order lifecycle management system.


The image below illustrates how CORESense order lifecycle functionality manages an order from point of purchase through delivery in the Back Office.




The table below describes some of the functionality of the order lifecycle process.


Lifecycle Phase

CORESense Capability

Order Capture and Staging

All orders from all sales channels are captured and staged in a single order lifecycle management system. Orders are staged using order statuses, which enable you to track and manage the order through the various stages of its lifecycle. Upon capturing a new order, CORESense automatically sets the initial order status, which is determined by the sales channel through which the order was placed and the selected payment method.

Payment Processing

CORESense accepts a wide range of payment methods including Cash, Credit Card, PayPal®, Check / Money Order, Gift Certificates, Value Cards and Customer Credits. CORESense provides integrations into two payment processors including Authorize.Net® (for all credit card transactions) and PayPal®. Depending on the selected payment method, you may be required to manually process the payment. This includes manually capturing a credit card or adding a check or money order payment received by mail.

Inventory Sourcing

Once payment has been received and the order is ready for processing, you are required to source order inventory. Sourcing enables you to determine the source from which each purchased inventory unit is shipped to the customer. CORESense offers three options for sourcing each separate inventory unit. These options, called fulfillment methods, include Stock, Drop-ship and Just-in-time, explained below.

  • Stock  Used to ship inventory from your warehouses. If the inventory is out-of-stock, it can be placed on backorder, to be shipped once received from a stock purchase order.

  • Drop-ship  Used to drop-ship inventory from the vendor to the customer. If selected, a drop-ship purchase order is sent directly from the order. Purchase orders can be printed, emailed, or faxed using the CORESense eFax® integration.

  • Just-in-time  Used to "special order" stock inventory from a vendor for a specific customer order. If selected, a just-in-time purchase order is sent directly from the order. Once received, inventory is automatically assigned to the order and shipped to the customer.

Pick, Pack, and Ship

CORESense enables you to pick, pack and ship inventory directly from your warehouses. All picking, packing and shipping is performed on the shipment level, where an order can contain one or more shipments. Each shipment contains separate inventory, boxes, a tracking number and a ship date. By allowing for multiple shipments, you can perform partial shipping from one or more warehouses. Shipments are created automatically at the time inventory is available and in-stock. This can occur at the time order inventory is sourced, or when backordered / just-in-time ordered inventory is received from a purchase order.

Once shipments are created and inventory is ready to ship, you can print a wide range of shipping documents including a master pick list, pick / pack list and order summary. These documents are used to enable warehouse staff to efficiently pick and pack the inventory from the defined warehouse topography locations. Once picked and packed, you can utilize CORESense integrations to both UPS WorldShip™ and FedEx®, explained below.Additionally, TrueShip and Malvern are third-party software applications that are integrated with CORESense.  In each case, shipment information is automatically communicated, either through XML (TrueShip) or ODBC (Malvern).   These applications support shipping via various carriers including UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL, regardless of carrier selection and the shipping method specified on the order and shipment in CORESense. Information is required to connect the selected carrier and service to a shipping method in CORESense.

  • UPS WorldShip™  Enables you to export a file to UPS WorldShip, which contains information for each shipment including the shipping address, weight and shipping method. After printing the shipping labels and running the "End of Day", you can import a file back to CORESense which automatically updates the order status and sends a shipping confirmation email to the customer.

  • FedEx®  ennables you to print FedEx shipping labels directly from the CORESense Back Office. To minimize shipping documents, you also have the option of printing the shipping label directly onto packing documents. Once printed, CORESense automatically updates the order status and sends a shipping confirmation email to the customer.







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