Line Item Options

Once products are added to an order there are additional actions that can be taken by clicking on the line item. A menu of action options displays.




Adjustment Options

Listed below are descriptions of the types of adjustment functions that are available.





Displays the product information and configuration options should you need to update them.

Add Notes

Based on custom order item fields (see link to left.)

Remove Item

Immediately deletes the product from the order.

Update Quantity

Increase or decrease quantity being purchased. Use the keypad to adjust the item quantity.


Price Adjustment

Allows the Unit Price to be edited (Note: this is a permission-based function).

Price Override

A permission based function that allow user to enter a flat rate for the line item. This managed by terminal with the priceOverride.enabled setting under the POS Replication Manager.

Split Item

If there are multiple quantities per product you can have each item shipped to a separate address.

Ship Item

At the item level you can choose to have it shipped versus Take Now.

Change Sales Person

A sales person can be assigned per individual order item. Enter the name to search and then select the appropriate name from the results.


Check Inventory

Displays list of SKUs for product. Click on the plus (+) sign of a SKU to view warehouse availability.

Inventory levels are organized by SKU configuration. Select the appropriate SKU and  the inventory at each warehouse is displayed.



NOTE:  The PO quantity link opens a pop-up that displays:

  • PO #
  • Created Date
  • Estimated Receiving Date
  • Qty Ordered
  • Qty Received
  • Qty Not Received


Price Adjustment

Follow the steps below to adjust order item price.





An overview of discounts displays and you need to select a reason for the adjustment. The adjustment reasons are maintained in the Back Office > Technical Configurations > Price Adjustments.



From the keypad, enter  the amount of the adjustment, whether it is an increase or decrease (+ or -), if it is a dollar or percentage,  and then select Apply.



The adjustment is noted on the line item.



NOTE: If an adjustment is made against an item that is part of a promotion, the adjustment is applied against the original base price, NOT the discounted promotional price.