Product Lookup



Typically, products are scanned using barcodes and multiple items of the same SKU are automatically groped together. However, when scanning an item that is already in your cart it will result in quantity stacking only if the delivery timing of both items match. This will prevent an item marked as shipped that has an increase in quantity added to be added to the shipment by default.


There is an editable quantity field and shortcut buttons to the scan window in Connect POS, so that users can specify the quantity about to be scanned. The shortcut buttons displayed in the scan window can be set via a comma-separated list of numbers in the "scanQuantityValues" terminal setting in the POS Replication Manager. If not set, it will default to 1 through 9.




Manual Lookup

Use the Product button to search for product or scan the product barcode. The Search function includes Simple and Advanced criteria filters to refine search results.





To search for a product, select the Product button.



Enter the name to search on in the open field and select the Search button.


  • Category Navigation - Dependent on the setting of the `rootCategory` pos_terminal_setting (see System Setting Options), selecting this button will show a list of categories that are children of the selected category.



To refine your results list, select either the Simple or Advanced button to enter filtering criteria.



  • The Simple search options include product name and attribute information.

  • The Advanced options include Manufacturer and Merchandise Hierarchy fields.

  • The Recent option allows you to reference any keywords that were used in previous searches.


Select the arrow icon to view product details or to check current inventory across all warehouses.



Inventory levels are organized by SKU configuration. Select the appropriate SKU and  the inventory at each warehouse is displayed.



NOTE:  The PO quantity link opens a pop-up that displays:

  • PO #
  • Created Date
  • Estimated Receiving Date
  • Qty Ordered
  • Qty Received
  • Qty Not Received



For configurable products, select each configuration option and choose the appropriate choice. Select the Add to Cart.




Continue with Order Checkout.




POS Oversale


There is a POS Terminal Setting for Display Oversale Warning on Connect POS. If this setting is enabled, when a take-now item is added to an order on Connect and inventory is not available from the warehouse the POS is connected to, the following occurs:


A new permission "POS Oversale" controls whether or not a user has the permission to create a POS Oversale. New users will need to have this permission assigned to their user account, otherwise the action to create the inventory will require a Manager Override.


Contact CORESense Support to have this setting enabled.