Customer Manager Overview

The Customer Manager houses all of the customer records in the application. If the customer was created in the Sales Order Interface, the Point of Sale or any other sales channel, the record lives in the Customer Manager. The customer record is a record with one or many contacts attached. A contact is an address that was used for either billing or shipping purposes.



Important: Before creating a new customer record, a search should be conducted to avoid duplicate records. To help manage duplications, set your system setting for Customer Management > Duplicate Customer Check Fields. This allows you to select customer data field as a verification against duplicate names. It is recommended that you select either a telephone number and/or email address as the unique identifier. This setting works in the SOI, POS and Back Office.

Customer Manager Screen

The Customer Manager main screen is divided into two parts: Filter Customers and Search Results.  The records displayed in the Search Results area reflect the most recent search that was conducted.  


Filter Customers

Criteria used to conduct the most recent search is retained in the Filter Customers area until all criteria is removed using the Clear button.  To retrieve all customer records, click Clear to remove any search criteria and then click Search.  This action returns all customer records that are in the system. You can also setup saved searches in the Customer Saved Search manager.


Search Results

The Search Results box, by default, displays the first 25 customer records found in the last search conducted. 




The number of records shown per page can be modified by clicking on the green arrow, to the right of the Results per page box.  The system displays up to a maximum of 500 customer records per page.




Search Results

The information displayed in the Search Results window includes basic customer information, as well as some data specific to the customer’s order and spending history. 





Unique identifier assigned by the system at the time the customer record is initially created


First and last name of the customer


Lead customer type is a customer type that has not been assigned to a customer  sales rep. A customer type Customer is a customer record that has been assigned to a sales rep.


Customer’s email address

Phone Number

Customer’s primary phone number

Billing Address

Customer’s identified billing address

Sales Rep/ Sales Team Manager

The sales rep or sales team assigned to the customer record

Total $ Spent

Amount spent since the customer record was created

Avg. $ Spent Per Order

Average amount spent per order

Customer Since

Date the customer record was created

Most Recent Order

Hyperlinks to customer’s most recent order, by order number.   



Navigating the Search Results

In the image below,  the total number of customers meeting the entered criteria is 16,920. To navigate through the pages, click  the Next arrow button. The arrow buttons appear at the bottom of the Search Results screen as well. To go to the second page, click Next. 



On the second page, the arrow buttons change slightly. The navigation buttons available remain the same until the last page of the results.



Arrow Button Navigation

First page of results

Back one page

Ahead one page


Last page of results


Exporting Search Results to CSV

To export the search results to a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file, click Export to CSV button.   The system automatically creates an Excel spreadsheet displaying the customer information.  A CSV file is often used to upload customer data to third-party software.





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