Google Trusted Store (GTS)


GTS provides the following:

  1. Measures ship date against standard
  2. Determines compliance, displays badge on website
  3. 3 major data-sharing components:


The process of implementing Google Trusted Store includes steps for the data feed and website plug-in.





Client needs to sign up for a Goggle Trusted Store account by clicking the "Sign Up" button at:


The next screen prompts them for  their business information and configuring a Google merchant center account. Once complete, the client will provide CORESense with the following Data Feed information.


Data feed credentials:

  1. FTP Username

  2. FTP Password

  3. FTP Remote Filename

  1. FTP Host:

  2. FTP Port 21


Client needs to provide the Google Trusted Stores Plug-In data:

  1. Google Trusted Stores ID

  2. Item Google Shopping Account ID

  3. Estimated Shipping Date (for All items in Stock) (most clients use 3 days)

  4. Estimated Shipping Date (The number of days that will be used to calculate the Google Trusted Stores estimated ship date for at least one Item Out of Stock. Most clients use 7-10 days)


Two Google Trusted Store feeds can now be created with the Data Feed Manager using the Data Feed credentials provided.



  1. feed type: Google Trusted Stores - Shipments – scheduled – one for each client website

  2.  using Google Trusted Stores

  3. feed type: Google Trusted Stores - Cancellations – scheduled – one for each client website

  1.  using Google Trusted Stores



The Google Trusted Stores plug-in can be enabled in the current project of the Website Template Manager with the Google Trusted Stores Plug-In data provided.


Preview the project and if you view source on a product page you will see the “gts” JavaScript between comments:

·         <!-- BEGIN: Google Trusted Store -->

·         <!-- END: Google Trusted Store -->

Also, the order confirmation page will have order detail “gts” JavaScript between comments:

  • <!-- START Trusted Stores Order -->

  • <!-- END Trusted Stores -->


Publish the website.


Data feeds should contain content on subsequent runs after publishing the website with the Google Trusted Stores plug-in configured and enabled.


You can test data feed credentials with a browser by visiting: and entering your user name and  password.  Make sure the directory Index loads without the error: "530 Authentication failed".

Note: the directory listing of “Index of” will be empty.





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