Google Variance


Google Variance vs. Google Base


CORESense pushes product data feeds to Google Variance that support configurations/variants such as, size and color.  


Variance Types

The Google Variance feed type contains all standard Google Feed fields with the addition of the following to the end of the feed:


The feed outputs a separate row for each configuration of the product.


Setup Instructions

Setting up a Google Variance data feed involves the following steps to be completed in the order listed:

  1. Verify permissions have been assigned to user.

  2. Create the Google Variance feed.

  3. Set the feed mappings in System Settings.

  4. Verify values are populating in products.


Verify Permissions

For all users who are managing data feeds, open those user accounts and add the System Settings Manager > Data Feeds permission to their account.



Create Google Variance Feed

Follow the steps below to create the Google Variance data feed.





Go to Products > Data Feed Manager and click on the Create New Feed button.


Select Google Variance from the Feed Type drop-down.data_feed_-_gv-select.png


Complete the Feed label, Channel , and Invocation fields as desired.



Enter the additional FTP account fields per the information provided by the Google service for your account.


Click the Create button.


System Settings Mapping

The system setting, labeled Data Feeds, has been created to allow users to map Product Configurations to Google Variants for Google Feeds in a drop-down format.


 NOTE: The Google Variance feed must first be created before the mapping functionality displays.


Follow the steps below to map the Google Variance configurations to the CORESense configurations.





Go to System Settings > Data Feeds to map Product Configurations to Google Variants for Google Feeds in a drop-down format.


Map the configurations between CORESense and Google.



Click Add Mapping to add more configurations.


Click Save Mapping once complete.



Verify Product

Under the Products > Channels > Website tab, you can enter variant information if the Google Variant data feed is enabled and the product type is mapped to a Google Variant in the data feeds system setting.


Go to a Product > Channels > Website tab to view variant information. The Variations section displays the variation fields for each configuration that is mapped in the system settings and includes the fields per variant: Price, Quantity and Image Link. If no configurations exist, a single row outputs as is normal with the variant fields left blank.





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