Update Shipment Attributes and Locations

This section explains how to update shipment attributes including the shipping method, tracking number, ship date, source or destination locations.


Path: Back Office > Order Processing > Order Manager > Shipping


Follow the steps below to update shipment attributes for an order.





Click Shipping in the Order header.



You can change the shipping method within an order but must also open the shipment and change it there as well. Note: Verify that all Billing adjustments are made when changing Shipping Methods.



Click the hammer-wrench.png icon of the desired shipment from the list in the Shipments box of the order screen.


tip.PNG  Tip: Click on the ID link to view the shipment details in the Shipment Manager.


In the Shipment Attributes section, update or enter the fields as described below and click Save Changes.


Method - The shipment shipping method, selected from among the active shipping methods.

Ship Date - The date on which the shipment was shipped. By clicking Today, the current date is automatically entered into the Ship Date field.

Arrival Date - The estimated shipment arrival date. This date is used for informational and tracking purposes only and is set by the user.  By clicking Today, today's date is automatically entered into the Arrival Date field.

Tracking Num # - The shipment tracking number. Once set, click the icon-mag_glass.png to track the associated shipment using the CORESense FedEx or UPS integration.

Cost - The shipment cost. This is your cost, not the price to the customer.


From the Locations section, select the shipment Source and Destination and click Save Changes.



Address verification can be managed individually or in bulk per shipment. Verify All Addresses that when clicked, a window displays that prompts the user for address verification one by one. Once all the addresses are verified the page is refreshed to show changes. If there are no more addresses to verify, the system displays the message: "All Ship To Addresses Have Been Validated."




Close Shipment window to finish.



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