Step 2 - New Product Wizard


Step 2 of New Product Wizard addresses the following product data components:



SKU Information

By completing this section, a new SKU is created and related to the product as Base Inventory.


Tip: See the Inventory Manager for an introduction to creating a new SKU and SKU general attributes.





Enter the requested SKU Information in the designated fields as described in the table below.







The product SKU, this can be auto-generated.

Note: In the New Product Wizard, the SKU is auto-generated as a concatenation of the part number and configuration. This can be customized by adding info either to the front or back of that combination.

Short Description

Short product description

Vendor SKU

SKU provided by the product


Long product description, up to 255 characters

Primary Vendor

Vendor from which the SKU is purchased


The SKU manufacturer.

Default Fulfillment Method

The SKU default fulfillment method.

Wholesale Cost

Enter cost so it can be used as a display option for Purchase Order drop-down list

Replenishment Cost

Enter cost so it can be used as a display option for Purchase Order drop-down list

Discount Percent

Enter cost so it can be used as a display option for Purchase Order drop-down list

Negotiated Cost

Equals wholesale cost - discount percent. Example: wholesale = $10.00, Discount is 20%,  equals Negotiated Cost = $8.00



In Stock Inventory Level

The In Stock Inventory section tracks the beginning inventory quantities of the product for each warehouse location.  Enter the starting In Stock inventory level for each warehouse.




Tip: The Starting In Stock Inventory Level can also be established by creating a stock purchase which is then received into the system.






Note: If your Warehouse Implementation included sub-locations, you can use the Location Picker icon-mag_glass.png next to each warehouse to navigate to the desired location. Once selected, the associated Location ID is automatically entered into the Location field.





In the Shipping section, the SKU physical attributes and default shipping method are identified for the product.  




  1. Enter the shipping dimensions for the product. Use the drop-down lists for additional variables.

  2. For each available Shipping Method, specify the Cost Driver option from the drop-down list( Real Time, Weight Table, or Fixed).  See Inventory Manager for more information.   

  3. Select a Default shipping method, which is the method the default vendor will use to send the product to you in response to a Purchase Order.


Default Location

In the Default Location box:

  1. Select a Warehouse from the drop-down list

  2. If you are using Warehouse sub-locations, click icon-mag_glass.png to launch the Location Picker, which enables the ability to select a location.

  3. Once selected, click Add. The location is now added as a default location for the SKU.




Save Entries

The New Product Wizard allows the user to navigate back and forth between steps and choose to save the new SKU and/or product at any time. Only the information entered in the steps is saved to the new product.


Wiz - save.png




Save as Inactive All entries are saved but product is not yet available for purchase on sales channels.
Save as Active All entries are saved and the product is available for purchase on sales channels.
Cancel product information is not saved and deleted from system.
Next All information entered is saved and the Wizard moves onto the next step.




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