Product Configurations

Product configuration options that are available to customers when purchasing a product, such as color, are organized as Standard and Upgrades in CORESense.  If your product is not sold with configurations, skip to the Create SKUs section.


Configuration Type

Drop-down Values



Color and Size




Important: If the product does not have a standard base configuration, it is recommended that only upgrades are used. For example, if the product has different colors and sizes, these configurations need to be entered as Upgrades.  






Configuration Setup

Follow the steps below to add a configuration to the product in the Upgrades box.





From the Product Manager screen, click on the Product Configurations link.



In the Upgrades box, identify the Configuration Type and the related values for the product.



  1. Click on the Type drop-down and select the Configuration Type.

  2. Assign a Position to the configuration values (for drop-down or swatch image format) relative to each other.  If the position field is not set, the configuration values display in the order they are entered. In this example, Blue would display at the top of the list followed by Green. (These are specific to Web and SOI channels).

  3. Enter the value for the configuration type in the Description field.

  4. Click the Save button to enter options.


The Updated field displays the date on which the configuration was last updated.


The + Retail field allows a markup to be applied to the product base price if the configuration is selected by the customer, such +$5.00 when an extra-large item is selected. If desired, a negative value can be entered, which causes a reduction to the associated sales channel base price.


If Product Groups have been created in the Products Std/Upg Groups Manager, you can select one for the product under the Group drop-down.



Note: Configuration types are associated with a Product Type, which are setup during the Implementation phase. For example, a product type of apparel could have configuration types such as size, color, or fabric.




Edit or Remove  a Configuration

When editing or removing a product configuration, the process is dictated by whether the product has ever been purchased. Follow these steps to safely update a product's configuration.



Stop: If the product configuration has been sold before, do not click hammer-wrench.png, as this may cause issues with previously placed orders.





If the configuration ...

Then ...

has been sold

deactivate the current product, duplicate icon-duplicate.png the product and perform any configurations edits to the duplicated product.

has never been sold

in the Actions column, click hammer-wrench.png next to the standard to be edited.  By clicking hammer-wrench.png, any updates remove the current standard and add the new one.  This method may be used as a quick way to replace a current standard with a new one.


Duplicate  a Configuration

Follow the steps below to duplicate a product configuration.





Click the icon-duplicate.png icon of the configuration to be duplicated.



Enter the new configuration information and click Save.



The configuration is now duplicated, which requires a new SKU to be created and related to it. 



Important: By clickingicon-duplicate.png , the configuration is duplicated and added to the product. There is no Cancel function. If the duplication is not desired, click Save. Then, click icon-checkbox.png in the Actions column to remove the duplication from the product. If this is not performed, problems may arise on associated product sales channels.







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