Club Membership Management

Once a club membership program is active and customers are purchasing membership products, use the Club Manager and Customer Manager to track customer activity.


Club Manager

From within the Club Manager, you can track how many enrollments there per active membership. As memberships are purchased the Enrollment column reflects that number.






Under the Memberships tab, update any information specific the schedule, shipping information, duration, and ship dates.





Deliveries Tab

Enrollment is also tracked within the Deliveries tab of each Membership. The Deliveries view also tracks if you have assigned product to each delivery schedule date in under the Items Set? column. The Order Sent? column tracks if the orders for that schedule have been shipped.





Credit Card Re-Authorization

During the order generation phase, you may need to re-authorize credit cards for Club Memberships.  There are two system settings that need to be populated and then you can use the steps below to manage any manual re-authorization. An automated re-authorization attempt will occur for all Club orders that are in "Club Credit Card Exception Status."






Email Notification

There is an automated email that is sent to all customers who's credit card was declined during club order generation or credit card re-authorization. Templates (once created in Email & Document Template manager) can be selected from the Credit Card Declined Email Template drop-down in the Club Manager > Membership screen.




The email will only be sent automatically one time. Subsequent emails would need to be triggered manually via the Send Card Declined Notification button located in the Club Manager > Deliveries screen. All email correspondence is logged to the order.






Customer Manager


From the Customer Manager > Club Membership tab, the following information is stored for each purchased membership. This is also where a membership can be canceled or suspended based upon your program policy.






Club Membership Name

Label for membership purchased.

Displays only clubs only that are active OR if it is the current club membership is selected.


Current address membership is assigned to. If multiple addresses exist for a customer, another address can be selected and then click Update.

Shipping Methods

The drop-down list of shipping methods allows you to change the method used from what was originally selected upon club membership purchase.


Identifies if membership is currently active.

Deliveries Left

Remaining number of shipments to be made

Next Delivery

Date of next shipment

Suspend Date

If this is set to a future date, the membership will be automatically suspended on that date, before any orders are processed. Manually suspending or resuming will clear both the Resume Date and the Suspend Date field.

Resume Date

Date that the membership is to resume delivery. The membership can be manually resumed by selecting the Resume link.

Credit Card

The credit card on record for monthly payments (if that is the option selected for the membership).

Joined At

Date when customer joined the membership (information field only).

Suspended At

Date when the membership was last suspended (information field only).

Cancelled At

Date when the membership was cancelled (information field only).


Select an appropriate salesman from drop-down to update web orders or adjust as needed.


Option to permanently cancel a membership, which ceases all remaining deliveries. If the membership was setup as Pay Now, credit needs to be issued to the customer via a return.

Reason codes can be entered from System Settings > Technical Configuration under the following tables:

  • club membership cancel reasons
  • club membership suspend reasons


If Suspend is selected, enter a date for it to be resumed and click on the Update button. Click the Resume link to reactivate the membership. A Reason code needs to be selected for either action.


Reason codes can be entered from System Settings > Technical Configuration under the following tables:

  • club membership cancel reasons
  • club membership suspend reasons


Club Membership Search

The following can be used to assist customer searches for club membership participants from the Customer Manager.

  1. Club Membership and Club search criteria to the Customer Manager multiple select fields. 
  2. Club Membership Status search criteria field with possible values of Active, Inactive or Any. Searching by status of Inactive will return any customers that were a member of a club, but have no active memberships. Searching by status of Active will return any customers that have an active club membership. 








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