IHA Point of Sale Orders

Once the customer/employee has been selected using the Customer Picker icon-picker.png in the Customer Info section, Point of Sale (POS) IHA orders are initiated by clicking on the In House Account button at the bottom of the screen. The In House Account button opens up the additional IHA  fields that need to be complete to process an IHA Order.




Follow the steps below to process an IHA order in the POS.





Search for and select the desired customer record.



Click on the In House Account button at the bottom of the POS screen.



In the IHA Detail screen, click the Edit button to enter the required information.



Select an IHA Name and Department from the drop-down and enter the Employee Number. Click Save.



Click on the Apply Customer to Order button and the system prompts you to confirm the action.



The In-House Account Advisory Report displays. The report allows the Customer Service representative to determine whether or not the order can be placed while remaining within the terms of the IHA’s policy statement.



If you need to remove the IHA from the customer’s order, click again on the In House Account button. Verify that the correct customer is shown in the Customer Info field first. Next, click the Disable In-House Account From Order button.


Scan the products(s) from the available listing. Only products currently active in the customer’s IHA Department are scannable, all other items will present an error.

notes.gif Note: Non-In House Account items (products, gift cards) cannot be combined with In House Account items in an order.


Click on the Checkout button to complete the order, the In House Advisory report displays with a screen for a possible manager override.


When the In House Account Advisory Report displays, determine whether or not to place the In House Account Order, and select Yes or No on the checkout screen. The following steps occur as setup in your Back Office.

  • If the Manager Approval System Setting is set to Yes in the Back Office System Settings, the manager is required to enter his or her password to complete the transaction.

  • If a Signature Capture Device has been deployed, it prompts for a signature for every Payment Type that requires authorization.

  • If no Signature Capture Device has been deployed, a receipt is printed with the Authorization ID and a place for the In House Account employee’s signature. A second copy is provided to the employee for their records. One physical receipt must be printed for every payment that requires authorization.


Select the Payroll Deduction payment type drop-down list and complete the transaction.

notes.gif Note: The IHA payment can be made right up to the spending limit. Any purchases made beyond the limit must use an additional payment type (credit card, check).


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