IHA Sales Order Interface Orders

When a customer is chosen from the Customer Information screen in the Sales Order Interface (SOI), an In House Account Order check box displays in the top right hand corner. Checking that box automatically flags the order to be processed as an IHA Order.




Follow the steps below to process an IHA order in the SOI.





Search for and select the desired customer record.


Check the In House Account box in the upper right hand corner of the customer record screen.


Scroll to the Client Customer Information section and enter the Employee Number.



Scroll to the In House Account section and select an IHA Name and Department.



Click on the Apply Customer to Order button.


Select the products(s) from the available listing. Orders being processed as an IHA Orders only have the products currently active in the customer’s IHA Department displayed when a product search is performed.

notes.gif Note: Non-In House Account items (products, gift cards) cannot be combined with In House Account items in an order.


The Payment section of the SOI includes a link to the In-House Account Advisory Report.  The report allows the Customer Service representative to determine whether or not the order can be placed while remaining within the terms of the IHA’s policy statement.


Select the Payroll Deduction payment type drop-down list.

notes.gif Note: The IHA payment can be made right up to the spending limit. Any purchases made beyond the limit must use an additional payment type (credit card, check).


Click the Complete Order button.

notes.gif Note: An IHA Order is then created and sent to the Back Office assigned the Ready For Processing status.


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