Multiple Deal Activation

One primary function of the keycode feature is that it enables you to activate multiple coupon-based sales deals and promotions on your web site and SOI with the entry of a single keycode. Once a keycode has been associated with specific coupon-based promotions those deals are available to customers once the keycode is entered during the transaction for web site orders. Using the Keycode plug-in provides the Keycode entry form, which replaces the standard Coupon Code form, and can be placed anywhere on your site. Once the code is entered, all promotional pricing is updated.


There are multiple steps to setup multiple deal activation:

  1. Request Keycode setup via CORESEnse Support portal
  2. Assign coupon codes to all deals to be tracked via keycodes
  3. Keycode entry and deal association
  4. Install Keycode plug-in



Multiple Deal Association


Multiple deals can be triggered by a single keycode for marketing and tracking purposes. For website usability, the keycode web form replaces your coupon code field with a keycode field. This form eliminates the need for you to communicate the difference between coupon codes and keycodes. You will need to contact CORESense Support to request a keycode setup for your website.


Deal Manager

To support the single code (keycode) entry field on your website, you need to assign a unique "dummy" (not customer facing code) coupon code to each deal that you want to have tracked and marketed using a keycode. In the example below, deal 1 and 2 will be tracked and activated by the entry of keycode = Aprilpromo. Deal 3 (although a single deal) also needs to be assigned it's own coupon code and related Keycode since the website form does NOT recognise coupon codes.

 If coupon codes are not assigned a coupon code, any order that meets the deal criteria will receive the discount and not be tracked via the keycode.


Deal #

Coupon Code



Sample1 Aprilpromo


Sample2 Aprilpromo


Sample3 MayPromo



Keycode Manager


The Keycode Manager is where you can enter a new keycode, include a related Mail and Catalog code, and associate the deals and promotions that the keycode is to activate upon being entered into the website.







Enter the name of the keycode into the Keycode field. Keycodes can also be added in bulk via a data import.


Enter a Catalog Code label if you are identifying a specific catalog issue or edition with the keycode.


Enter a Mail Code label if you are identifying a specific demographic with the keycode.


Enter a Description of the keycode event for your internal purposes.


Select all the Deals that are to be activated by the keycode entry (use your <Ctrtl> key to select multiple options).


Select Active to activate the Keycode.


Click Update to save the keycode setup.



Keycode Plug-in

Follow the steps below to install the Keycode Plug-in in order to initiate the multiple deal activation feature on your website.


Path: Back Office > Products > Website Template Manager > Plug-ins > Keycode





At the bottom of the Plug-ins list, click on the New button for the Keycode option.



Click on the Keycode Plugin link.



Enter a label for the Plug-in Tag Name field.



For the Row section, the standard template available from the drop-down list is labeled Keycode (view script here),  or you can create your own and copy/paste the script into the space provided.

notes.gif Note:  Plug-in header and footer templates are intended for static text or images regarding what keycodes are.  They can be left blank.


Click the Save button when finished.




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