Loyalty Program Overview

The CORESense Customer Loyalty Points Program is a system of accumulating points per dollar spent by a given customer (i.e. $1 = 1 point).  Once the points reach a certain threshold the customer becomes eligible for an award, in the amount specified (i.e. 250 points = $25 reward).


Loyalty Program management impacts several key areas of the CORESense system.

System Area

Loyalty Program Usage

System Settings

Configure the System Settings to enable your CORESense Customer Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program Manager

Add and manage Loyalty Programs for each sales channel.

Brand Manager

Manage coupon display using the Brand Manager. In order for a Loyalty Program coupon code to be activated, you must create a coupon within the Brand Manager as instructed.

notes.gif Note: For those choosing to implement a paperless program, a coupon must be created even if you do not distribute them.

Email & Document Templates

Create a template communication templates to inform customers that they have received a reward or to remind them that they are close to earning a reward.

Email Campaign Manager

Distribute reward coupons for customers who have reached Loyalty Program points threshold.


Review current program usage, generate and export list of customers who are near reward threshold, or  who have earned rewards.

Customer Manager

View Loyalty Card information, add, delete or modify information and combine loyalty cards from a customer record.

Point of Sale

Program signup, redeem Reward Coupon, accrue points and view current point value.

Sales Order Interface

Program signup, redeem Reward Coupon, accrue points and view current point value.


Redeem Reward Coupon, accrue points and view current point value from My Account page.


Implementation Action Steps

To setup a Loyalty Program, you need to complete actions within the following steps:

  1. Identify program parameters: System Settings
  2. Create program for each sales channel: Loyalty Program Manager
  3. Create coupon image for coupon code tracking and email distribution: Brand Manager
  4. Create Loyalty Program communication email(s): Email & Document Template Manager



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