PreOrder Membership Overview


The PreOrder Membership feature is based on the Club Membership functionality but is distinguished in the following aspects:


 If you are interested in using the PreOrder Membership  function, submit a request through the Customer Portal. The Back Office setup is detailed below but there are additional configurations that need to be setup before any of the features are visible and accessible.


The implementation steps include the following:

  1. CORESense configures system for PreOrders.

  2. System settings for PreOrders are set according to preferences.

  3. PreOrder membership is created in the Club Manager and PreOrder product is generated.

  4. Club Manager manages deliveries and product assignment to PreOrder membership.

  5. Customer manager and website My account tracks customer subscription details.


System Settings

After the PreOrder Membership configuration has been established, the following system settings are related to the PreOrder process and are located under Order Lifecycle Management > PreOrders.




PreOrder Setting


Save PreOrders to List

Select YES to activate the  PreOrder functionality.


Save BackOrders as PreOrders

Select YES to include backorders with PreOrders (optional).


PreOrder Fulfillment Calendar

For each month, select the days on which PreOrder lists will be fulfilled and orders created. You can select individual days OR select the Default Fulfillment Days. You can also edit the individual days to account for holidays, or fulfillment schedules that are other than weekly frequency.


PreOrder Warehouses

Specify which warehouse(s) can be used. (Some clients prefer to set aside this merchandise in a separate warehouse to avoid misallocation.)


Initial PreOrder Shipment Status

Typically “New” unless client wants new PreOrder Shipments to be immediately available to UPS, TrueShip, or Malvern (then select Packing).


Initial PreOrder Order Status

Used to define the order status for orders created from pre-orders for easier identification from traditional orders.




Back Office Managers

PreOrder includes changes to the following Back Office managers.





Includes a PreOrder tab that contains the following specific to customer accounts:

  • Allow PreOrders (Yes/No).  “No” option will block user from PreOrder functionality on the website and cancel any pending PreOrders already in their list.

  • PreOrder Preferences – settings on customer used in PreOrder Fulfillment and Shipping.  Address, Shipping Method, Frequency, Credit Card, etc.

  • PreOrder Item list – A list of pending PreOrder Items, allowing back office user to confirm items in the list or to cancel an item and avoid fulfillment. Products remains in list (unless manually removed) until the PreOrder Fulfillment Calendar date set in system settings is met, at which time, fulfillment occurs and an order is generated for shipping.


1. The General Attributes contain new settings:

  • PreOrder (Yes/No) – Determines whether specific product is treated as PreOrder. This should be set to NO (default) when creating a PreOrder membership.

  • PreOrder Deadline – Date by which PreOrders must be received (to be included in PO).  For Customer communication; no specific functionality.

  • On Sale Date – Date when product will become normal product, and on which inventory will be available to fulfill PreOrders.  For customer communication; no specific functionality.

  • Available Date – Text value estimating time during which an item is expected to be available.  Specific to backorders treated as PreOrders.  For customer communication; no specific functionality.

2. Inventory tab provides a button, “Update Open PreOrders” to reflect product inventory requirement changes to a different SKU.

NOTE: PreOrder settings should be left as-is for membership products.  These fields only pertain to inventory products that you want to offer on PreOrder.

Email & Document Templates

New tags help differentiate PreOrder items from standard products, and to display PreOrder preferences in communications.

Customer Import

A Pre-Order Club Membership import is available from System Admin  > Tools > Data Import so that customer pre-order memberships can be imported in bulk. There is a sample file from this location, which can be used to create a new .CSV import.


NOTE: The Club, Club Membership, and Credit Card records all need to exist already in the Back Office.



Website Changes

PreOrder Membership impacts the website in the following manner.


  1. Add to Cart will conditionally display a “PreOrder” button, based on product settings.
  2. Shopping Cart and Order Summary have new tags to differentiate PreOrder items, product attributes, and separate financial summary.
  3. Shipping Price Calculator will exclude items flagged as PreOrders.
  4. New PreOrder Checkout step (if cart contains PreOrders (and conditionally backorders), in which customer must populate their PreOrder Preferences:
  5.  My Account enhanced to include PreOrder preferences.



Automation and Fulfillment Workflow

PreOrder Membership impacts the automation and fulfillment process in the following manner.


  1. Automation will attempt to fulfill PreOrder items based on PreOrder Fulfillment Calendar and customers’ PreOrder Preferences (i.e. Frequency).
  2. Available inventory is assigned against customers’ PreOrder List items FIFO based on PreOrder List Timestamp (when the item was PreOrdered), one unit per customer until all PreOrders are fulfilled or inventory is exhausted (like dealing cards). Fulfilled items are inactivated in the PreOrder list, specifying them as fulfilled.
  3. Orders and shipments are created for each customer using Preferences.
  4. Credit Cards are authorized based on actual order totals.


Inventory Reservation

The following occurs for inventory reservations:

  1. When club generate order cron runs, it reserves inventory for pre-order items as "temp ordered item". The inventory will be reserved at warehouses defined in pre_order_warehouses
  2. When pre order cron runs, it generates real order for previously reserved items.
  3. Pre -order cron no longer drops items if inventory is not available.


If a club delivery item added to the pre-order list doesn't have inventory reserved or available when the pre-order cron hits, the club delivery item in the pre-order list still drops from the pre-order list and is added to an order. The normal process of going on back-order will manage these orders.


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