Programs and Promotions Overview

CORESense offers multiple methods of providing sales events, product promotions, and customer incentive programs. The table below lists the programs available that are managed from the CORESense Back Office. Click on a link for more details about each option.





Club Membership

Club Memberships are used for products that you have setup for recurring customer purchase based on an identified calendar. Examples include wine clubs or subscription based periodicals.

Deals and Discount Types

A deal in CORESense is a way to discount an individual or group of products. This deal can be set to activate on a specific date/time or to always be in effect. There is a multitude of attributes to group the like products together to accomplish the same discount amount. Example of discount types are: BOGO, Shipping, Promotional.

notes.gif Note: Deal discounts can be applied to all sales channels except for eBay and Amazon.

Email Campaigns

The Email Campaign allow send bulk e-mails to your customers. Using e-mail campaign criteria, you can target recipients based on customer demographics and product purchase history. Once e-mails are sent, CORESense automatically tracks click-thrus and manages customer opt-outs. Since all e-mails are sent, tracked and managed using CORESense e-mail servers, you are not required to purchase any additional third-party software.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates enable you to sell credit towards a future purchases. Gift certificates can be purchased and redeemed in any denomination from the Website, Sales Order Interface, POS, or directly from the CORESense Back Office.

In-House Accounts

An In-House Account is an account that a business opens with a CORESense client. Employees of that business can charge against an In-House Account specific products,or purchases up to a specific dollar amount.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs are a points based system of accumulating points per dollar spent by a given customer (i.e. $1 = 1 point).  Once the points reach a certain threshold the customer becomes eligible for an award, in the amount specified (i.e. 250 points = $25 reward). Loyalty points are calculated off the adjusted subtotal field from the order.

Value Cards

Value Cards are physical cards used to store credit towards future purchases. Value cards can be purchased and redeemed in any denomination from the POS, Sales Order Interface, website, or directly from the CORESense Back Office. Additional dollar values can be assigned to existing cards.






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