Create a Deal or Promotion


The Deal Manager is where all discounts/deals/promotions are created and managed.  


Path: Back Office > Products > Deal Manager


To create a new deal, navigate to the Deal Manager, click on Create New Deal button in the Search field section. Identify which Discount Type you want to create and complete the following four steps:

1.   Set General Attributes (for all discount types)

2.   Set Detail Attributes (based on Discount Type)

3.   Set Product Criteria for the Deal (on all deals except for Shipping Discount)

4.     Set Customer Criteria for the Deal





Caution: It is critical to do some pre-planning before building a new deal to ensure that the correct type of discount is chosen.  This may be the most important step of the whole process – once a discount type is chosen, it cannot be modified.   



NOTE: If you have products with personalizations that include additional retail amount, deals cannot be applied to the price of the personalization. Deals are only applied to the base price.


Discount Types

The available Discount Type s are described below. Click on a discount type link to follow the steps on creating a promotion using that type.

Deal Type



Where Applied

Buy X Get Y

Purchase product X and receive product Y at a discounted price or free. Both products must be in the shopping cart to properly reflect the discount. For example, buy one pair of shoes and get an equal or lesser value shoe for 50% off.


Product/Line Item

Free Gift

Receive a free gift when another product is purchased. This is product specific.  For example, buy the winter boots and get free boot socks.

This is useful for a club membership purchase, i.e. Sign up for club membership, get a free product on the first shipment. When a customer adds a product to the shopping cart that satisfies a "Free Gift" deal AND there is only 1 GET product that applies to the deal, that product is automatically added to the shopping cart.


Product/Line Item

Promotional Discount

A product (or product group) is placed “on sale” when a percent discount is used. The discount can be expressed in either a percentage or dollar amount. The discount is reflected in the shopping cart rather than the product detail page if the Starting Quantity is set to 1 or greater. If left blank, the discount is displayed on the Category and Product pages of the website.  

Note: If a coupon is applied, the discount is reflected on the impacted product detail pages.


Product/Line Item

Order Free Gift

A free gift is offered on an order based on order subtotal, regardless of what items are being purchased. For example, spend $150 and receive a free hat. The 100% discount is applied to that item (the hat) once it is added to the cart provided that the order subtotal of the other cart items meets the deal threshold ($150).


Order Subtotal

Shipping Discount

Offer a discount on one or more shipping methods. For example, Free Ground shipping for orders over $50 or $5 off express shipping.


Shipping Cost

Order Discount

A discount on an order subtotal and not associated with particular products. For example, spend $100 and receive 20% off your order total.


Order Subtotal



Note: The attributes for each discount type are detailed in their respective chapters.


Duplicate a Deal

Users have the ability to duplicate a deal via a "Duplicate Promotion" button at bottom of a deal. The system prompts user for confirmation before continuing and then redirects to the duplicated deal. All attributes and criteria remain the same except for:

  1. Label field is populated with "Duplicate Promotion of #".
  2. Active field is populated as Inactive.
  3. Coupon Code field is not copied because duplicate coupon codes are not allowed in the system



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