Free Gift

This Discount Type involves receiving a free gift when another product is purchased. This is product specific. Both products must be in the shopping cart to properly reflect the discount. For example, buy the winter boots and get free boot socks.


Among other applications, this is useful for a club membership purchase, i.e. Sign up for club membership, get a free product on the first shipment.


NOTE: System Settings > Channels > Website > Add Free Gift to Order Automatically (= YES) adds a product to the shopping cart that satisfies a "Free Gift" deal AND there is only 1 GET product that applies to the deal, that product is automatically added to the shopping cart. If the BUY product is subsequently removed from the cart, the GET product is automatically removed from the cart. If the GET is a configurable product, this setting should be set to NO.


This applies to Free Gift type promotions only, and not BOGO.


To create a new deal, navigate to the Deal Manager, click on Create New Deal button in the Search field section and complete the following four steps:

  1. Set Standard and Custom General Attributes

  2. Set Product Criteria for the Deal

  3. Set Customer Criteria for the Deal


General Attributes

Follow the steps below to setup General Attributes or a Free Gift discount promotion.





Select Free Gift as the Discount Type. The Discount Type is associated with parameters specific to the deal/promotion being offered.



Enter a Label, which is the main identifier of the promotion.


tip.PNGTip: The Label field is searchable so include keywords that are descriptive and easily identify the individual deal. The Label field displays prominently in the Search Results.


Select the channel(s) where the discount will be applicable.


tip.PNG Tip: To select more than one channel, hold down Ctrl key and click on each applicable channel. Deal discounts can be applied to all sales channels except for eBay and Amazon.


Choose the POS Locations (if applicable). If this field is not selected the discount is applied to all locations.


notes.gifNote: This is an optional field. If the discount/promotion is only good at certain POS locations use this area to choose specific regions, districts, or stores. 


Set discount to Active.  The Deal Manager functions in real-time; therefore, the system defaults a deal to Inactive so that a promotion isn’t live while it is being created


tip.PNG Tip: To have the system activate or deactivate the deal on designated dates, use the Start/End Time feature (see Step 9).


If customers are required to enter a specific code to activate the deal, enter that code in the Coupon Code field. Once the General Attributes are saved, the Special Message field displays so that you can customize the customer's coupon code entry validation. Coupon codes can NOT be used for recurring order promotions.


notes.gif Note: The promotion is not applied to an order unless the customer enters the code specified. The code can be any combination of letters, numbers and or symbols. The code is not case sensitive. 



Select the appropriate Single Use option. The system defaults to Yes.


If the promotion cannot be combined with other offers, select the Exclusive option – Yes.



To have the system automatically manage the time that this promotion is in effect, set the Starts On and Ends On times by selecting the radio dials in front of the date fields. 


ecxclamation.PNG Important: A deal is deactivated based on the date and time indicated, there is no system override to reactivate the deal once it is deactivated.


Click on theicon-calendar.png  icon to open the calendar.


  • Click on the desired date to start the promotion.

  • Click on the arrow to see the next month’s dates.  


The clock can be used to set a door buster deal that is only good between specific hours. To specify a time for the promotion to begin, click theicon-clock.png icon to access the clock.    

  • To set the clock, use the mouse to drag the hour and minute hands to the time that the promotion should begin. 

  • The AM/PM designation on the face of the clock is a toggle switch, click on the letters to change from one to the other.


Click the Create New Promotion button to confirm the attributes.



Follow these instructions for the Free Gift Discount Recurring Order Deals.


When you select "Yes" the promotion only applies to recurring orders.


Continue to Set Product Criteria.


Set Product Criteria

Follow the steps below to setup Product Criteria for a Free Gift discount promotion.





For the Free Gift discount type, you can assign specific product(s) to be  included or excluded  as either a purchased items (Buy) or a giveaway item (Get).



Using the filters in the Standard General Attributes section, identify which product criteria you are using for the promotion.



Custom attributes are defined by the client during the implementation process and are displayed in the Custom General Attributes box. Custom criteria, when combined with Standard Attributes, further narrow products included in the promotion.  



Once attributes have been entered, click the Save Product Criteria button to save the criteria.



Click the Update Product List button in order for the products to be listed with the promotion.


ecxclamation.PNG Important: Both buttons need to be clicked in order save your information. Be sure to click them for each tab you enter criteria for (Buy and Get).  


Once the Update Product List button is clicked for both Buy and Get tabs, the number of eligible products for the discount is listed next to the Products link.



Click on the Products link to review the product list.  

  1. Use the pagination arrows to view all items on list.

  2. Under the Type column product are identified as either a Buy item or a Get item.

  3. Delete a product from the list by clicking the Removeicon-checkbox.png  icon.



Additional products can be included or excluded using the Product Picker icon-mag_glass.png icon and assigning them as either a Buy item or a Get item. These items are then identified with a check under the Manually Included? column. To use this function, you must first have some criteria established under the Product Criteria tab before including or excluding specific products.  



Note: If you want to include the product and it's already on the exclude list, it automatically includes it so that you don't have to remove it from the Exclude list.


Allows easy identification of a product within a deal's product list without having to arrow through the pagination.



Continue to Set Customer Criteria.



Set Customer Criteria

Follow the steps below to setup Customer Criteria for a Promotional Discount.




When a promotion is created, all customers in the system are automatically eligible. If you do not want the promotion available to all customers, use the Customer Criteria section to define the customers who qualify for the promotion.




To add a group of customers that share demographic information such as City, State, Zip Code, Country, etc. enter the pertinent attributes into the Shipping or Billing address boxes.



If there is additional criteria available to choose from (as determined during your implementation), it is located in the Other Information box.


notes.gif NOTE: To refine your list by including specific customer IDs, save your criteria and update your list. Click on the Customers list tab to enter any IDs


Once criteria is entered, click the Save Criteria button.



Click the Update Customer List button in order to refine the eligible customers for the promotion.


ecxclamation.PNG Important: Both buttons need to be click in order save your information.


Individual customers or customer groups can be made eligible for the promotion using under the Customers tab.

icon-stop.png IMPORTANT: In order to manually include or exclude customer IDs or Customer Groups, you must first enter customer criteria under the Customer Criteria tab.


  • Enter the Customer ID in the field provided or search for it using the Customer Picker icon-mag_glass.png icon.

  • Click on the X icon of any line to remove a customer ID from the list.


Manually deleted IDs are listed in the Excluded Customer Listing box.



Select a Customer Group from the drop-down list (as needed) to be  part of the promotion.




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