Purchase Order Manager

Grid products have the ability to be purchased in a batch for multiple locations using Master Purchase Orders. The PO Manager list both Master POs and Individual POs. Individual POs are nested below the Master in the PO Manager and are accessible by clicking the  icon_right_arrow.png expand icon of the Master PO. All POs generated for only a single location are listed separately under the PO# column of the PO Manager. The Label field identifies the name assigned to the PO when it was created.







Path: Back Office > Products >  Purchase Order Manager


Purchase Order Selection

Follow the steps below to search and select  either a Master PO or Individual PO within the PO Manager.





From the Purchase Order Manager, search for the recent POs entered into  the system or search for a specific PO# by entering the criteria into the appropriate Search fields.



The Search Results include Master POs and individual POs.

  • To open an individual PO, click on the numeric  link under the PO# column.

  • To open a Master PO, click on the numeric link under the Master PO# column.

  • To open an individual location PO within a Master PO, click on the icon_right_arrow.png  to expand the Master PO and then select the warehouse specific PO# link.



Choose the PO type option below for additional instruction on PO review and processing.



Review Master PO

Follow the steps below to manage a Master Purchase Order.





Click on the desired Master PO# link.



The PO Builder displays allowing you to make any necessary adjustments to the PO.

  • Add product

  • Update quantities per location

  • Restore previous version of PO if changes were made



Once all changes have been made, click on the Rebuild button to process the Master PO.


The system prompts you to verify rebuild. Click OK to transmit the PO.




Individual PO

Once a PO is created and sent directly to the Purchase Order Manager or released from the Purchase Order Builder into the Purchase Order Manager, it is then processed for receiving and tracked for internal management. There are seven tab in the PO Manager that are used to manage the PO attributes.





Click on the desired individual PO# link. Click on the icon_right_arrow.png  to expand the Master PO to view nested POs.



The PO opens with several tabs listed above that are used to manage the PO.



The General Attributes tab summarizes the basic information about the PO.


You can make updates to the following fields:

  1. Shipping Cost = Enter total estimated shipping cost for the purchase order set at the time of creation. Available only when carrier integration is enabled.

  2. Terms and Dates = Select term days from drop-down, and click on calendar icon to select desired date settings.

  3. Sales Tax = enter percentage amount, click Calculate and then Update.

Click Update if any changes are made.


Follow this link for detailed steps on the Receive a PO process.


The Assignments tab list informational data about the PO SKUs.



Communication through e-mail can be initiated and tracked from the Correspondence area. Users have the option to create an email or use a customized template for commonly addressed customer inquiries. Templates are created by the client and may not be available in all systems. 


1. Create a Blank E-Mail

An email can be sent to any email address from any email address. The email remains in the correspondence section as a viewable thread for future reference.

2. Review existing Emails

Any System generated communication emails are stored her for reference.

3.Create an Email from a Template

To send an email from an existing template, select the template from the Choose Template drop-down list and click the Send button to preview it.

4. Actions

Per line item, click on the icons to perform the following actions:

icon_-_back_to_po.png = Link back to Purchase order information

icon-duplicate2.png = Resend the selected email

icon-envelope.png = Send email message using non-template message

notes.gif Note: Templates are managed through the Email & Documents Template Manager.


Comments should be used to record customer contact and also to relay information about the customer to other users. Comments are classified by type and include: Support, Shipping, Financial, Call Log, Order History, Sales Rep Notes, each are coded with a different color.   



1.    The Shipments tab houses any system generated shipments for the PO as determined by the Inventory Type.

a.  if Drop-ship inventory type then shipment is generated

b.    if Stock inventory type then no shipment is generated


1.    The Documents tab houses any system generated documents such as the PO emails and Put-Away Documents regarding the PO.




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