Purchase Order Queue

The PO Queue is the holding area for the following non-grid purchasing SKUs:



The PO Queue can be filtered and/or sorted for easy access to specific orders.



Path: Back Office > Products >  Purchase Order Queue






The PO Queue provides three filters in which to sort the pending PO list. PO groupings are organized alphabetically by vendor name.


notes.gifNOTE: JIT (Just in Time) POs are filtered into a single PO if the vendor, warehouse, PO delivery method (email or fax) and shipping method all match.



Select an option from a drop-down list and click the Search button to view the corresponding list of POs.





PO Queue Process

The PO Queue section is comprised of three major areas as described in the table below. This information is organized according to vendor.







Basic information regarding PO grouped by vendor.

  • The Replenishment field identifies whether the SKU was populated based on SKU reordering functionality. (Reordering points are setup at the SKU level in the Inventory Manager)

  • View All Vendor SKUs allows: view of all SKUs associated with a vendor.  This helps facilitate better reordering to see other SKUs for the same vendor that may fall short of their thresholds but would warrant including in a replenishment order. Click on the "View All Vendor SKUs" link and a new tab opens in the Inventory Manager, filtered for active SKUs for the current vendor.  


Bulk discounts can be applied to all SKUs of a vendor by clicking on the apply discounts link.


  1. Click Add Discount.

  2. Enter the percentage or fixed amount.

  3. Click Update Discounts.

  4. Click Apply to save.


  • Quantities per SKU can be edited by entering a new number in the Qty field.

  • The SKU and Short Description links open up the SKU detail information screens.

  • The Unit Cost hammer-wrench.png icon allows you to edit the unit cost.

  • The icon-mag_glass.png icon under the Stock types displays the current inventory level of that SKU for that location.


Displays totals at the bottom for the following:

  1. "PO Subtotal" adds up the "Total Cost" of each row selected.
  2. "PO Total Items" equals the number of rows (items) selected.
  3. "PO Total Units" equals the total quantity of all rows selected.


Once all SKUs have been selected and quantities updated, click the Update Quantities & Review POs button.


Review the Fulfillment Confirmation screen and click Confirm if all is correct. Click thehammer-wrench.png  icon to edit information oricon-checkbox.png  icon to delete it.



The Fulfillment Summary identifies how many emails were sent to vendors and if any failed. Click Go to Purchase Order Manager to mange the PO.



Got to Manage Purchase Order process.


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