Barcode Transfer Builder

The Barcode Transfer Builder is used to build a transfer using barcode entries that are associated to SKUs.  


Path: Back Office > Products > Transfer Builder > Barcode Transfer Builder


The information that is contained in the Barcode Transfer screen includes basic transfer information, barcodes, and a list current SKUs for the transfer.




Build a Barcode Transfer

Follow the steps below to build a barcode transfer.





In the Transfer Information box, enter the information into the fields as described below.


  1. Choose the Source Location, which is where the stock is currently located, from the drop-down list of locations.

  2. Select a Source Sublocation* if appropriate.

  3. Choose the Shipping Method, which is how the stock gets to the destination, from the drop-down method list.

  4. Choose the Destination Location, which is where the stock is to be shipped, from the drop-down list of locations.

  5. Select a Destination Sublocation* if appropriate.

notes.gif  *Note: The Sublocation boxes automatically populate choices once you choose the Location depending on how your warehouse sites are setup. For instance, if your Source Location is a large warehouse, you might be prompted to indicate where in a warehouse the stock is located.


Confirm the entered information is correct and click on the Create New button.


In the Add SKU box, either the Barcode and Quantity for the SKU.



Click Add SKU and the SKU is listed in the In This Transfer box. Repeat the above steps for all Barcodes to be included in the transfer.



The selected SKUs display in the In This Transfer box. Any SKUs selected that do not have available inventory are highlighted in pink and with and exclamation sign. By default, inventory will be created so that you can continue with the transfer. You can choose to prevent inventory from being automatically created from source warehouse when insufficient inventory is requested.  This is managed through a system setting under Products/Labels > Products > Allow Transfer Builder to Create Inventory If Not Available. Select NO to prevent inventory from being created, the default is YES. An error message will display, "Not enough inventory of what you're trying to add."




Repeat the above steps to add additional SKUs to the Transfer. Clickicon-delete_x.png  icon to remove any SKUs that you no longer want to transfer.

tip.PNG Tip: If you need to change the quantity, you can delete it and repeat the process to select inventory; however, you can edit the quantity being transferred more easily from the Transfer Queue.


Depending on your permission level as determined by your role, the Create Transfer button and/or the Send to Transfer Queue button both display.  

  • The Send to Transfer Queue places the inventory selected on-hold until the transfer is approved for processing.  A transfer that is in the queue has not been transmitted to the destination source and therefore can be edited.   

  • The Create Transfer button bypasses the queue and transmits the transfer to the source location.   





Click the Send to Transfer Queue button and the system prompts you to confirm, click OK.




Continue with Transfer Queue






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