Transfer Queue

The Transfer Queue is the holding location for all transfer (both Grid and Standard). You access the Transfer Queue by going directly to the Queue from the Transfer Builder or by selecting Transfer Queue from the Product Tab.



Path: Back Office > Products >  Transfer Queue



The Queue screen displays two boxes: Saved Transfers and Replenishment Transfers.  Each box lists all transfers that have been constructed in the Transfer Builder and are now awaiting confirmation. Saved Transfers are sorted by Destination Location, while Replenishment Transfers are sorted by Source Location.




notes.gifNote: Replenishment transfers are generated from grid-based model stock system configurations that use Central Distribution to move product from a central warehouse to other locations.


Edit or Delete a Transfer

Transfers placed into the queue are listed in the Saved Transfers box and are automatically sorted by Destination Location. Follow the steps below to view or edit a transfer.





To view or edit the details of this transfer, click on thehammer-wrench.png  icon of a transfer in the list.



To edit the quantity of inventory being transferred, enter the new quantity into the Qty box and click Update Quantity.   


 tip.PNG Tip: If you place a zero in the Qty box of an item,  the item will be removed from the transfer.


To return to the list of transfers, click on the View Transfer Queue button.



To delete a transfer from the queue, click the icon-checkbox.png icon next to the appropriate transfer.  The system prompts you to confirm the deletion, click OK.


caution.PNG  Caution: Deleting a transfer from the queue deletes the transfer itself.



Create Transfer in Transfer Queue

Once a transfer is listed in the queue and all edits have been made, it is ready to be created and pushed to the Transfer Manager. Before a transfer is available in the Transfer Manager, it must be “created” from the Transfer Queue. Creating a transfer, in this case, does not mean constructing the transfer specifics, it means confirming a transfer that has already been constructed in the Transfer Builder and is now waiting in the Transfer Queue.  





To view a transfer in the queue, click on thehammer-wrench.png  icon next to it.



Depending on your permission level within the system, the Create Transfer button displays. Click it if the transfer is ready to be processed. Make any quantity updates as needed.



The newly created transfer is now listed under the Created Transfers box with an assigned Transfer # that links it to the Transfer Manager screen.



Tip: If a particular transfer is not showing up in the Transfer Manager, chances are it is still in the queue and awaiting creation.




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