Transfers Overview

Transfers provide a fast, efficient, automated method of moving products from one location to another for both intra-warehouse or inter-warehouse. To allow for proper checks and balances, Transfers are a three-step process within the CORESense system as listed:

  1. They are constructed using the Transfer Builder. 

  2. They are sent to the Transfer Queue, which groups transfers by Shipping Method, Source Location and Destination Location. The actual transfers are created in the Transfer Queue.

  3. Transfers are processed from the Transfer Manager where you can print or validate the pick/pack list, confirm a transfer, receive the inventory and more.


The three transfer tools are access from the Products tab menu.




Transfer Builder

The Transfer Builder is where you initiate the process of transferring inventory from one location to another for both intra-warehouse or inter-warehouse inventory transfers.



Path: Back Office > Products > Transfer Builder


There are three builder methods for creating a transfer, they are:


Transfer Type



Use the Grid Transfer Builder for grid-based products that need to be viewed in a grid format.


Use the Standard Transfer Builder for products that do not need to be viewed in a grid format, or for which you do not have a barcode available.


Use the Barcode Transfer Builder  to quickly and easily scan barcodes into the system to efficiently add SKUs to a transfer. Use a scan gun or manually enter the barcodes and associated quantity in the available text fields.





NOTE: If the transfer is sent to the Transfer Queue from the Transfer Builder, the 'Note' field will be lost, since the transfer builder only transfers the transfer's skus' information, which does not carry the note field.



Transfer Queue

The Transfer Queue is the holding location for all transfers (both Grid and Standard).


Path: Back Office > Products > Transfer Queue


The Queue screen displays two boxes: Saved Transfers and Replenishment Transfers.  Each box lists all transfers that have been constructed in the Transfer Builder and are now awaiting confirmation.   Saved Transfers are sorted by Destination Location, while Replenishment Transfers are sorted by Source Location.




Transfer Manager

The Transfer Manager is the location where all transfers are viewed, reviewed, updated, and administered.


Path: Back Office > Products > Transfer Manager


The Transfer Manager is organized according to the menu functions listed at the top of the screen. Each function is a clickable link that houses additional capabilities and information.








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