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This section explains how to manage the order return process using the CORESense Return Wizard.  The Wizard runs through a four-step process, and can be accessed at both the Order Manager level by identifying a specific Order and at the Return Manager level. The information detailed here uses the Order Manager access to process a return. The Return Wizard allows you to perform return tasks:

  1. Open a return to issue a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA ) for the returned items(s), which creates an Open Return in the Back Office for future closing, or
  2. Open a return and process it completely to close it.



Note: CORESense does not currently manage damaged inventory, nor the tracking and management of inventory being returned to the vendor. 


Returns Wizard 4 Step Process

Step 1 – Find Order

Step 2 – Returned Items

Step 3 – Refund Payment Method

Step 4 – Confirmation and Receipt



Path: Back Office > Order Processing > Order Manager > Returns


Step 1 – Find Order

Follow the steps below to search for and process a return using the Order Manager.





Search for the order that has the return using the search criteria in the Order Manager. Select the Order from the search results.



Click on the Returns tab in the Order Detail screen.



In the Returns screen, click on the Launch New Return Wizard button.




Step 2 – Returned Items

Follow the steps below to process a return using the Order Manager.





Step 2 has two tabs that provide return processing and return history.   



Click on the icon-plus_expand.png icon to increase the Qty to be returned. If available, scan the bar code for the items to be returned.

  1. Select a reason for the return from the drop-down list.

  2. If the product is damaged and not to return into inventory, click the icon-plus_expand.png to indicate Qty.

  3. Check whether the product is to be returned and if the customer is to ship it.

  4. Click on the price link to adjust the amount of the product at time of return.


notes.gif  Note: Because you launched the Wizard from within the Order Manager, you skip Step 1 and the Wizard opens at Step 2.


Click on the View link to check the inventory level of the item as needed. If unable to scan the barcode, click on the icon-barcode.png icon  to identify the barcode and enter it into the Barcode field.


notes.gif Note: The line item turns pink when a step is required.


Select a reason code from the drop-down list and if damaged. Quantities entered into the Dmg Qty field are not returned to inventory.


notes.gif Note: Additional reasons can be created in System Settings > Returns Management > Reason Codes.


  • Check the Inv. To be  Rtn? box if you are expecting the customer to return the merchandise to you for a refund.

  • Check the Cust. To ship? box ifyou are expecting the customer to to handle the shipment of the item..



Unit Refund and Sales Tax Refund are permission based actions.

  • Unit Refund: If the amount of the item should be changed, enter the new refund amount for the product.

  • Sales Tax Refund: If sales tax is nonrefundable, enter the new amount for sales tax.



An adjustment can be made to the amount being refunded by clicking the Add New button.


notes.gif Note: Adjustments are a permission-based feature and require management override privileges.


Complete the form fields as detailed below:

  1. Enter the adjustment amount in either dollars or %.

  2. Select the adjustment as an increase or decrease.

  3. Select the type of adjustment from the drop-down list.

  4. Enter a brief description of why the adjustment was made.

  5. Click Add to submit it.


notes.gif Note: Adjustments Types are setup in System Admin > Technical Configuration > Return Adjustment Types.


The adjustment is listed and itemized in the total summary. To remove the adjustment, click theicon-checkbox.png  icon.



Click the Next button.



Step 3 – Refund Payment Method

Follow the steps below to select the correct payment method for the return.  





Step 3 has two tabs that provide return payment processing and capture of information for the customer being refunded.     


 ecxclamation.PNG Important: If the person being refunded is not the original customer who placed the order (i.e. gift recipient), enter that person's information in the second tab.


The payment method screen displays the number of days since the original purchase and itemizes all adjustments, taxes and total refund to be paid to the customer.



Check the box for the refund method type and enter the amount of the refund in the corresponding amount field.


notes.gif Notes:

  • The credit card refund type is only available if the original purchase was made using a credit card.

  • Amazon returns are processed like any other return by selecting the Amazon payment type, however, you need to manually update Amazon Seller Central of any returns.

  • With On Account returns where no payment has been made, no refund amount is given, thus you don't need to select a return payment method on Step 3. By performing the return, even though no return payment is done, the account is still credited with the amount returned.


Click the Next button.


Step 4 - Confirmation & Receipt

Follow the steps below to issue a RMA or complete the return.





Step 4 has two tabs that provide the return summary and entry of any notes or comments regarding the return.     




Choose to either  Save as Open Return or Process Return.



Select a warehouse and enter any comments in the fields provided.



Check the box of the method you want to use to deliver the customer instructions. Enter an email address in the space provided.



 Click on either  Save as Open Return or Process Return.


If you saved the return as an Open Return, the system assigns a Return ID to the return, which can be referenced in the Return Manager module. The system also sends the RMA Return Instructions email to the customer that contains:

  • Itemized list of returned items

  • RMA Number

  • Shipping instructions to return product

  • If you provide return shipping labels, those are managed through your shipping carrier interface.



If you Process the Return, the system assigns a Return ID and prompts you to select the type of email template to be sent to the customer.




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