Create a Multiple Ship-to Order

The instructions below follow the steps required to place an order using the Sales Order Interface (SOI) for multiple ship-to orders. Retailers with this setup are able to have products shipped to different addresses.

The multiple ship-to functionality can be initiated from System Admin > Technical Configuration > Channel System Settings table. Locate the SOI ID # (you can check Sales Cahnnel Manager for ID), select it, and in the Control Center select edit and then change the "Multiple Ship To" option from "no" to "yes."



Refer to Create a Single Ship-to Order instructions if you are setup for single ship-to only orders.





Login to the SOI and select the desired sales channel from the drop-down list.



Click on the Customer Information title bar to assign a customer to the order.



Enter the search criteria in the fields provided and click on the Search Customer button.



Click on the ID link of the matching customer to verify their address information.



Verify the customer address information or select an alternate address from the either or both the Billing and Shipping side. Click the New Contact button to enter another address to the record.



Note: A Billing or Shipping contact can be removed from a customer account by clicking on the appropriate  t button.


After confirming the correct addresses, click on the Apply Customer to Order button.


Once the customer has been assigned, click on the Order Items title bar to begin selecting products.



In the Search Products tab enter criteria on the product to be ordered and click the Search Products button.



Click on the product(s) to be added to the order.


tip.PNG  Tip: To view any current promotions, click on the Promotions tab to see the list (view sample).


Enter the desired quantity and click on the Add Products to Order button. The other tabs are described below.


More Info - Provides additional product description and attributes

Related Products - Lists any Cross Sell or Up Sell products for the selected item

Inventory - Provides a current In Stock Quantity and Backordered across all warehouses

Note: Backordered quantities are cited when an order requests more than what is currently available. For example, if 15 are ordered but only 10 are available, the system displays 5 Backordered. Because inventory and reservations are constantly changing, this should be taken as an estimate. The actual quantity that will be backordered (if any) is determined during the next order automation run.


Verify the item(s) being ordered. For each item listed, select the address it is to be shipped to (1, 3) and the method of shipping (2, 4). Click here to view Split Shipments process.


notes.gif  Notes:

    • To split quantities of a single item across multiple shipments, review the Split Shipment instructions.

    • To display list of warehouses with available inventory, follow the Ship/ Later Warehouse setup steps.


To edit an item or shipping price click on thehammer-wrench.png  icons seen below. To remove an item from the order, click on theicon-checkbox.png  icon. Click on the Close Window link to submit items for payment.


notes.gif  Note: Custom fields are supported including but not limited to text, select list, multi-select list and yes/no data types. Examples include:

    • Gift message per Ship To.  A gift message can be added to each of your recipients and be displayed on a packing document or ship confirmation email.

    • Deliver by Date.  Some customers add a field at the order level and use the field as an information filter for their shipping department.  

Custom field creation is supported in the Back Office Technical Configuration. Contact your CORESense Implementation Consultant for assistance.


The items now displays in the Order Items box. If you need to adjust the Unit Price, click on the link. Click here to view adjustment pop-up.



If you are a retailer using key or mail codes, enter them in the fields provided.


notes.gif  Note: Some implementations include a Salesman box that contains custom fields per a client's request; click here to view sample.


Click on the Payments title bar to begin the payment process.


tip.PNG  Tip: If the customer wants a quote of the order, click the Make Quote button to save the information for future payment, which then sends an email to the customer with the pending order details.


The Payments screen is comprised of the following six areas as described below.


  1. Drop-down list payment types

  2. Data entry fields for payment type

  3. Coupon redemption field for coupon promotions

  4. If customer has any available store credit, it displays in this area and can be applied to the order.

  5. Payment summary that lists all payments and promotions applied to order.

  6. If you have agreements with customers that enables term payments, they can be entered here.


Select the Payment Type from the drop-down list  (multiple payment types can be applied to a single order).


Click on a Payment Type to view data requirements for that type:

Credit Card Process

Cash Payment

Check or Money Orders

Intended Payment (terms)


Click the Complete Order button to submit the order for processing and tracking in the CORESense Back Office.



Select the SOI Confirmation Email from the Template drop-down and click Send Email.




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