Quick Item Entry

The Quick Item Entry form is a UI in the SOI that allows a user to quickly input order items via model/part # (only non-configurable items can be used in this functionality). Items are immediately added to the cart (if validation passes). This feature is activated via System Settings > Channels > SOI > Availability on Quick Item Entry.





If a Part Number is not valid, it is marked with a red "X".




Insufficient Inventory

If there are insufficient quantities, a message displays stating the items will be backordered.




Shipping Method


This functionality also includes a selector for a desired shipping method to apply to each new order item. If the method is valid on the SKU, the item is added to the cart with that shipping method applied. If it isn't, the item is still added to the cart but the user is notified that the shipping method was unable to be applied.  To maintain desired speed requirements; deal calculation, tax calculation, and inventory are all disabled on the order while this UI is open.


Note: Clients that only use single shipments (non-multiple Ship-to) do not see the shipping methods in the Quick Entry pull-down. SKU entry is still available and the shipping can be selected from the Shipping Method section.






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