API Integration with Avalara Sales Tax Tool


CORESense has created an integration with Avalara sales tax tool to facilitate the increasing complexity of federal, state and local tax regulations. This integration with Avalara will provide the following key components to sales tax management:


Avalara is designed for merchants using the Accrual method of sales tax accounting.  If you use Cash accounting and are still interested in Avalara, we recommend contacting Avalara to discuss your options. Avalara setup requires contacting Avalara directly to establish an account with them. The  CORESense contact information for Avalara is: Michael Foster (206) 826-4900 x9787



Back Office System Settings


Path: Back Office> System Settings Manager > Integrations > Avalara

Once you establish an Avalara account, submit an integration request via the CORESense Support Portal. The following system settings will be added under the Integrations settings once your integration is complete. Avalara provides the account information and keys. You can choose to activate the use of Avalara per sales channel. See field definitions below.







Avalara Admin Login

 The URL to the Avalara site access.

Avalara API Account Number

Account number as provided by Avalara.

Avalara API License Key

License key number as provided by Avalara.

Avalara API Operating Mode

You can select Testing or Production modes to verify connection. When testing is complete, mode should be in Production.

Avalara API Logging

The logging function tracks all API hits, which helps with potential debugging  or troubleshooting needs. The options are:

Latest (default) = tracking of most recent action taken on order, helps keep log size small

Committed = sends only transactions that have been finalized

All = every API hit is saved

None = no API hits are tracked

Log details are accessible from an order's Transaction Summary by clicking on the Sales Tax "Details" link. Click here for sample log.


Default Tax Code

From the list of codes generated through your Avalara account, you can select as your default that will be applied to all products. The default tax code can be overwritten at the individual product level or through merchandise hierarchy assignments.(See Product Assignment section below.)

Avalara SST Member

Identify if you are part of Avalara's Streamlined Sales Tax program.

Avalara State Exceptions

A multi-select list was added for states for Avalara exceptions. Avalara API will not be able to request / commit tax details if the shipping address state lies in the selected list in 'Avalara State Exceptions' system setting.

Active Avalara Channels

  • Check the box for each channel that you are integrating with Avalara.

  • A Company Code is created for each organization that you setup with Avalara, which is usually the same for each channel unless you have setup a separate entity for a specific channel.

  • Each channel will have a default tax sourcing warehouse associated with it. This warehouse will be used as source for all shipments for the purposes of determining sales tax and shipping tax.



Product Assignment

The system setting for the Default Tax Code will be used for all products unless otherwise selected per individual product or as assigned through merchandise hierarchy departments from within the Merchandise Hierarchy Manager.


Merchandise Hierarchy


Follow the steps below to assign a tax code using merchandise hierarchy manager.





Search for a department and then click on the hammer/wrench icon to access its attributes.  



Select the appropriate tax code for the department and click Update.



Once selected, the Tax Code field is populated with the code number. Any associated classes or sub-classes will inherit the selected tax code. If a class or sub-class require its own tax code, click on its hammer/wrench icon and select the code.



Repeat steps for each Department that requires a tax code other than the Default Tax Code in your system settings.




Product Sales Tax Rules

Tax Codes can be assigned at the product level as needed, if they need to be other than the default tax code selection or a merchandise hierarchy assignment.





From within the product manager, click on the Sales Tax Rules tab of the product.



All products display the Current Tax Code as determined by either the default or merchandise hierarchy.



Use the New Tax Code drop-down list select a specific code for the product and click Update.







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