Company Information

The System Settings Manager enables you to manage a variety of CORESense system settings that contain information used to configure a variety of functional areas.


The Company Information settings enable you to set:




Path: Back Office > System Admin > Systems Settings Manager > Company Information



Tip: A shortcut to the Systems Settings Manager is clicking the System Settingsicon-sys_settings.pngicon from the Main Menu and then selecting the Company Information link from the list.



Company Information Fields

The field settings available for Company Information are described in the table below.





The address of your principal office.

Category Image Base Path

Location to upload category images to.

Company Name

Your Company Name

Default Domain

This is the default domain that emails are sent from. If this is left blank, the value is calculated from the Default From Address. Failure to set this could result in emails not being sent.

Default From Address

The default email address in which messages are sent from when no other From email address is available.

eCompli Compliance Checking Active

Set whether the eCompli Compliance Checking integration should be turned on or off

Email From Users

  • Set this to Y if you want email responses from customers to display their personal email address instead of the address.

  • Customer email address needs to be captured within customer record.

Fax Number

Your fax number

Google Maps API Key

The Google Maps API key allows you to embed Google Maps into your web pages for the purpose of identifying store geographical locations.

Image Upload Location

Where your company’s personalized graphics are to be stored

Image HTTP Prefix

The HTTP or HTTPS prefix from which personalized graphics should be received

Product Import Custom Image Path

Automatically pre-pend this path on custom images in the Product Import.

Product Import Mapping Validation


Determines if a column check is to be performed on the Product/SKU, SKU Only, and Product Only imports. The purpose of this verification is to identify whether or not the columns of the import file match the defined mapping, and whether or not the import file has the correct number of columns.


  • If any of the columns do not match, the import is aborted and a list of columns that do not match is displayed.

  • If all columns match, then the import process continues.

Product Import Max Upload Size

Sets the maximum file upload size for the Product Import in MiB

Product Import Disable Duplicate SKUs

Disable duplicate SKUs (kits) in the Product Import. The default is TRUE so that configurable products are not duplicated. Set to FALSE if importing kit products.

Product Import Thumb Image Path

Automatically prepend this path on thumbnail images in the Product Import

Product Import Large Image Path

Automatically prepend this path on large images in the Product Import

Product Import Custom Image Path

Automatically prepend this path on custom images in the Product Import

Promotion Best Offer Calculation (version 5.15 only)

Determines whether calculating best offer for promotions for "not valid with other offer" promotions is completely ignored when promotions that are valid with other offers apply to the order. The choices are:

  • Include Not Valid

  • Exclude Not Valid

  • Include Not Valid w/ Coupons

Sales Telephone

Your sales telephone number

Support Telephone

Your support telephone number

Support Email Address

The default email address for technical support

System Time Zone

This setting is for your Back Office time zone association only. Click on the "here" link to view the list of time zone labels.



NOTE: To set time zones for individual POS terminals, go to System Setting  > POS Replication Manager and for each terminal, select the terminal setting "timezone" and enter the appropriate location label. Use the same labels that are listed via the "here" link noted above for the Back Office.

Time Card - Work Week Start Day

Use 'Time Card - Work Week Start Day' to determine which day work week should begin for time card  calculations.

Value Card Expiration Date Required

Identify whether an expiration date is required for value cards, default is yes.

Website Gift Certificate Template

The email document template ID to email when a gift certificate is created on the website.


Apply Settings

After you have entered all the information for the fields you want set, click on the Apply button at the bottom of the Password & Failed Login Policy screen to apply your entries. Click on Reset to clear the fields and change your entries.


button - apply-reset.png





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