Accounting and Reporting

The Accounting / Reporting screen sets the accounting and calculation methods used for reporting.




Path: Back Office > System Admin > Systems Settings Manager > Accounting/Reporting






Tip: A shortcut to the Systems Settings Manager is clicking the System Settingsicon-sys_settings.pngicon from the Main Menu and then selecting the Password & Failed Login Policy link from the list.



Setting Options

The Accounting/Reporting fields are described in the table below.







Accounting Method

Set the accounting method:

  • Accural:  the financial transaction is recognized when the goods leave the store or warehouse. 

  • Cash:  the financial transaction is recognized when money is received by the retailer.  

  • Not Specified: no method


 caution.PNGCaution:  Changing this setting will affect financial reports. Some reports will not be available until the next day.

Partial Shipment Reporting Calculation Method

Select an option from the drop-down list:

  • Distribute equally

  • Include full shipping once order is created

  • Include full shipping once order is fully shipped

Show All Financial Reports



Apply Settings

After you have entered all the information for the fields you want set, click on the Apply button at the bottom of the Password & Failed Login Policy screen to apply your entries. Click on Reset to clear the fields and change your entries.


button - apply-reset.png






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