Order Lifecycle Management - Orders

List of settings that manage defaults and thresholds for various order functions.



Path: Back Office > System Admin > Systems Settings Manager > Order Lifecycle Management > Orders






Tip: A shortcut to the Systems Settings Manager is clicking the System Settingsicon-sys_settings.pngicon from the Main Menu and then selecting the Order Lifecycle Management link from the list.



Order Fields

The table below describes the purpose or use of each Order Tab settings on the Order Lifecycle Management screen.






Allow Combining of Loyalty Cards on POS

Set to YES to allow loyalty cards to be combined from the Point of Sale.

Allow Deals On Permanent Markdowns

If yes, deals will be applied to products with a permanent markdown.

Allow IHA Parent Customer Tax Exempt Certificates

If yes, the IHA parent customer's tax exempt certificates will apply to IHA members.

Allow Future Shipment Warehouse Selection

Allow the selection of fulfillment warehouse for future shipment items during manual fulfillment from Order Manager > Production. This is used to initiate the Ship Later warehouse list within the SOI for multiple ship-to configurations only.

Allowed Price Adjustments

Select the type of order item price adjustments to allow:

  • All

  • Discounts Only

  • Surcharges Only

  • None

Allow price adjustments with promotions

  • Yes – allow order item price adjustments on orders with promotions.

  • No – do not allow order item price adjustments on orders with promotions.

Allow Remove Inventory Disposition

This allows users (with permissions) to unassign or unreserve products from an order and determine if the product should be returned to stock or adjusted out (damaged out).

On the Order Manager > Returns tab, when user clicks the [X] icon to unassign or unreserve inventory from the order, a dialog box displays: "What should happen to this inventory?" Options are:

·    Return to Stock: If selected and client is NOT using sub-locations, then inventory is returned to the current warehouse.

o    If client IS using sub-locations, another dialog box displays, "Return Inventory to the following location". The current warehouse label displays with a list of sub-locations. The current sub-location is pre-selected so that the user can proceed without making changes, if desired.

o    Click the "Submit" button to complete the operation. If a different sub-location was selected, the inventory is added to the specified location.

  • Cancel: Aborts the operation and returns user to the Returns tab.

  • Mark as Damaged: Displays a confirmation dialog, "This operation cannot be undone." Once confirmed, inventory is removed from the system.

Apply Deal Discounts to Upgrade Price

If yes, discounts for deals will apply to the upgrade price for the product. NOTE: The configuration amount is only added when 'Apply Deal Discounts to Upgrade Price' setting is turned on.

Automatic IHA Payment Method

Controls whether the calculation for automatically applying an IHA payment should include just the spending limit OR the spending limit minus what is already used up in the IHA period for the customer. If per order, only the spending limit will be used. If per period, spending limit AND all In House Account orders throughout the period will be used.

Club Credit Card Exception Status

Select the status an order is placed into if the payment is not successfully authorized when creating club orders.

Club Re-authorization Number of Attempts

Specify the number of times the system will attempt to re-authorize a club order after a credit card decline.

Club Re-authorization Timeout Duration

Specify the number of days that the system will wait between club credit card re-authorization.

Default Invoice Message

The default message displayed on the standard Invoice.

Default Manual Credit Card Capture Amount

Choose the default amount type to be pre-populated within the Capture Amount field on the Capture Transaction Page when manually capturing a credit card payment.

Default Orders per Page

Select the number of Orders Per Page displayed in the Order Manager - Search Results section.

Default Workflow State

Select a default workflow state for new shipments. This is a customized option if you are using the Workflow Management. Contact your CORESense Implementation Consultant for help in setting this up.

Donation Adjustment Type

Select an adjustment type for donation fields as identifier for non-taxable item at point of purchase.

Contact your CORESense Implementation Consultant for help in setting this up.   

Include Adjustment Type On Receipt

  • Yes – include the order item adjustment type on the receipt.

  • No – do not include the order item adjustment type on the receipt.

IHA Quantity Limit Method

Manages how quantity allocations are enforced for IHA purchases. You can specify which quantity allocation method to use:


If the Per Order method is selected, then quantities will be enforced only on each individual order.


If the Per Period method is selected, then quantities will be enforced across all IHA orders throughout the period.

Immutable Order Statuses

Ability to have orders not be modified via the Order Manager when they are in certain order statuses (multiple select available. Must have Order Manager - Edit Orders In Immutable Order Statuses permission to use.

Invoice Base Prices

  • On - base prices are displayed on the standard Invoice for each ordered item.

  • Off – base prices are not displayed on the standard Invoice for each ordered item.

Issuance Delay

The number of days between acquiring the loyalty point threshold and receiving a reward.

Logo Location

The absolute URL of your company logo for display on the standard invoice. For example, "".

Lowest State Sales Tax Rule

  • Yes - use lowest tax value for states that have sales tax rules and no zip-neutral rule.

  • No - use standard state sales tax

Loyalty Program Points Threshold

The number of loyalty points needed to accrue before receiving a reward.

Maximum Discount Percentage

Enter a maximum allowed order item discount percentage (0-100).

Maximum Surcharge Percentage

Enter a maximum allowed order item surcharge percentage.

No Available Shipping Methods Order Status

Select a status of orders if no shipping method is available either due to an invalid state / country combination or no common shared shipping methods. If you want to prevent orders from being placed without a shipping method, select the default "Choose..." option.

Non Compliant Order Status

Select the default non-compliant order status to be used by the order automation scripts (partial list shown).


OLCM Capture Funds For Delayed Delivery Immediately

  • Yes – controls capture of funds for delayed delivery orders on order creation.

  • No – controls do not capture funds for delayed delivery orders on order creation.

Order Affiliate Commission Default Status

  • Approved - affiliate commissions are automatically approved for new orders.

  • Pending - affiliate commissions require manual review for approval


Order Hold Status

Select the order status to be used for orders that are On Hold (partial list shown). This is only used by Workflow States so, it prevents you from moving between workflows if the order status is in one of those statuses.


Order Manager One Result Automatic Redirect

  • Yes - automatically redirected into the order if only one order result exists (Order opens to Order Items screen).

  • No – no automatic redirection (you need to click on Order to open it).

Retail Rate

The rate in which accrued loyalty points convert to dollars.

Reward Lifetime

The number of days a loyalty reward is valid.

Store Delivery


Store Delivery Shipping Price


Workflow Management

  • Y – workflow management will be used in the Back Office.

  •  N – workflow management will not be used in the Back Office.

Workflow management tracks the steps through the pick/pack process. Contact your CORESense Implementation Consultant for help in setting this up.   

Worldpac Order Exception Order Status ID

The order status that orders go into when there is a problem with the Worldpac API.










































































































































Apply Settings

After you have entered all the information for the fields you want set, click on the Apply button at the bottom of the Password & Failed Login Policy screen to apply your entries. Click on Reset to clear the fields and change your entries.


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