Order Lifecycle Management - Production

List of settings that manage defaults and thresholds inventory sourcing.




Path: Back Office > System Admin > Systems Settings Manager > Order Lifecycle Management > Production






Tip: A shortcut to the Systems Settings Manager is clicking the System Settingsicon-sys_settings.pngicon from the Main Menu and then selecting the Password & Failed Login Policy link from the list.



Production Fields

The table below describes the purpose or use of each Production tab settings on the Order Lifecycle Management screen.






Allow Deals on Permanent Markdowns

Ability to activate deals on products with permanent markdowns already in place.  When set to "Yes" deals are applied to the permanent markdown price of qualifying products. When system setting = "No", deals do not include permanent markdown products.

Allow Future Shipment Warehouse Selection

Allow the selection of fulfillment warehouse for future shipment items during manual fulfillment from Order Manager > Production. This is used to initiate the Ship Later warehouse list within the SOI for multiple ship-to configurations only.

Allowed Price Adjustments

Select the type of order item price adjustments to allow:

  • All

  • Discounts Only

  • Surcharges Only

  • None

Allow price adjustments with promotions

  • Yes – allow order item price adjustments on orders with promotions.

  • No – do not allow order item price adjustments on orders with promotions.

Club Credit Card Exception Status

Select the status an order is placed into if the payment is not successfully authorized when creating club orders.

Cost Assigned to Drop Ship Purchase Order

When a drop-ship purchase order is created it assigns the select cost to the SKU when inventory is received.

Default Manual Credit Card Capture Amount

The default amount to be pre-populated within the Capture Amount field on the Capture Transaction Page when manually capturing a credit card payment.

Default Workflow State

Default workflow state for new shipments.

EDI Error Email Address

Used for error notification emails of auto ASN drop-ship receiving. If ASN doesn't match quantities, an error email is sent to designated address.

Fulfillment Warehouse Selection Rule

The default rule for determining which warehouse to fulfill from. This is used for order fulfillment automation as well as the initial warehouse selection in manual order fulfillment.



  • If inventory is not reserved, the warehouse determined by the Fulfillment Warehouse Selection Rule system setting is used when attempting to assign or backorder inventory. The system will ship from the warehouse that  is closest first (if inventory is available) and then look at priority levels of warehouses that have inventory.

  • The Fulfill Kits from Single Warehouse  = NO puts any kit orders in a status = Requires Manual Sourcing.


Group Stock and JIT POs

Combine Just-In-Time and Stock inventory in the PO Builder. This enables you to increase the value of a Just-In-Time purchase order by adding Stock inventory to meet minimum vendor purchase amounts.

Include Adjustment Type On Receipt

  • Yes – include the order item adjustment type on the receipt.

  • No – do not include the order item adjustment type on the receipt.

Large Inventory Quantity Limit

This is the maximum quantity for adding inventory. Adding an inventory quantity that exceeds this limit will force a confirmation.

Maximum Discount Percentage

Maximum allowed order item discount percentage (0-100).

Maximum Surcharge Percentage

Maximum allowed order item surcharge percentage.

Order Custom Fields

List custom field that can be selected to display in the PO Queue (non-grid) for JIT and drop-ship POs.

Order Manager One Result Automatic Redirect

By selecting yes, you will be automatically redirected into the order if only one order result exists.

Prevent Large Inventory Quantity

This setting determines whether or not to flag large quantities of added inventory.

Ship From Address

This is the address that you ship your goods from. This address is used with the CORESense live shipping price calculation system. It is important that the format of this is:

Address Line 1
Address Line 2
City, State Zip

Line 2 can be omitted if not necessary.

Standard Production Time

The standard production time (in days) for a product.












































































Apply Settings

After you have entered all the information for the fields you want set, click on the Apply button at the bottom of the Password & Failed Login Policy screen to apply your entries. Click on Reset to clear the fields and change your entries.


button - apply-reset.png






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