Returns Management

The Returns Management section implements company policy for returned products. In this section, settings include refunded payment options to the customer, email notification to the customer,  sale channel specific settings on how and where an item is to be returned, and the reason for the return.  



Path: Back Office > System Admin > Systems Settings Manager > Returns Management






Tip: A shortcut to the Systems Settings Manager is clicking the System Settingsicon-sys_settings.pngicon from the Main Menu and then selecting the Password & Failed Login Policy link from the list.



The Returns Management Screen is divided into two sections; the Returns Management section and the Reason Codes section.




Returns Management

This Returns Management section automates company policy for returned products. The table below describes the purpose or use of each field on the Returns Management section.




Allow Refund to Different Credit Card

Note this is for PayPros processors only. Enables the ability to create an independent credit return, which is a return that is refunded to new credit card from the POS. The default setting is NO but can be switched to YES.

Auto Default Return Payment Type

  • Default is Yes, which uses existing functionality to automatically select the same payment type as the Originating Order.

  • Set to No, requires user to manually select the Return Payment Type.

Require Customer for Gift Orders

  • Yes

  • No

Require a customer account when creating a return for gift orders.

Default Days Until Expiration

Enter the default number of days until an open return is expired.

Default Return Instructions Template

For each sales channel (eBay, POS, Website etc.,)

  1. Select the type of email to be sent

  2. Select the Return Instructions Template to be sent

Default Return Receipt Template

For each sales channel (eBay, POS, Website etc.,)

  1. Select the type of email to be sent

  2. Select the Return Receipt Template document to be sent

Default Return To Warehouse per Sales Channel

For each sales channel (eBay, POS, Website etc.,) select the default warehouse the returned item is to be sent to.

Default Return to Stock Location per Warehouse

Enter the location number to identify which bin or aisle within each warehouse the returned stock is to be sent.

Click the search icon for the Location Picker box to appear.

Refund Timing

  • Refund Immediately

  • Refund Later

By selecting "Refund Later" option, the return is automatically placed in the "Pending Refund" status from which an authorized user can issue a refund. Use the Issue Pending Refund Access Level system setting (within this section) to set the access level for this action.

Received Inventory Cost

  • Historic Cost

  • Current Average Cost

  • Default Unit Cost

Upon receiving inventory and placing it back in stock, set the cost of the inventory to the selected value.




















































Apply Settings

After you have entered all the information for the fields you want set, click on the Apply button at the bottom of the Password & Failed Login Policy screen to apply your entries. Click on Reset to clear the fields and change your entries.


button - apply-reset.png



Reason Codes

The Reason Codes page is divided into two sections. The Reason Codes section is where specifies codes and descriptions are added. Once a new code is created it can be edited or removed. The Returns Reasons Management section enables whether a user would be required to select a reason code for each item returned.


Follow the steps below to add and manage reason codes.





Follow the path: Back Office > System Admin > Systems Settings Manager > Returns Management.


From the Returns Management window, click Reason Codes.



Click the Add New button.




Enter the name and a description for the new code. Click Save to submit it.



The new code is added to the list. To Edit a code, click on the Edit button to open the Reason Code attribute box. Click on Remove to delete a code.



Identify whether selecting a reason code is to be required during the return process. Select either Yes or No from the drop-down.



The two other return system settings include:


Allow Refund to Different Credit Card: When set to YES, it allows a refund payment to be applied to a credit card other than the one used for the original purchase.

Auto Default Return Payment Type: When set to NO, only the original payment type can be used when applying a refund.






























































































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