SOI Settings

The table below describes the purpose or use of each field on the SOI channel options.




Allow Gift Certificate

Select YES if you want to allow gift certificates to be sold from the SOI.

Allow Value Card

Select YES if you want to allow value cards to be sold from the SOI.

Allow add to cart previously ordered item using historical pricing

Enables the use of historical pricing via the Add to Order button.

Allow Future Shipment Warehouse Selection

When set yo YES, the warehouse selection functionality is available. When an item is added to an order, and SHIP LATER is selected, a drop-down of warehouses with the corresponding inventory available is listed per line item.

Allowed Warehouses for Take/Now

Identifies the selected warehouses as those that are allowed for Take/Now fulfillment.

Allow Multiple Payment Processors

Determine whether or not multiple payment processors can be selected in the SOI Payment window.

 Availability on Quick Item Entry

Activates the Quick Item Entry feature form.

Complete Order Status Now

Select the order status that a complete order is set to that had all order items set to Take/Now fulfillment.

Complete Order Status Later

Select the order status that a complete order is set to that had at least one or more items set to Ship/Later  fulfillment.

Create Customer Form Show Billing and Shipping Address

When set to YES, both the billing and shipping address forms display when entering a new customer record. The default of NO displays a single address entry form that automatically populates the new address into both billing and shipping fields.

Default Customer per Channel

Specify which customer ID to automatically populate when creating a new SOI order. This is recommended for those using the SOI as if it were a POS (cash/carry scenarios) and don't need to associate Take/Now orders to a customer record. Typically the store's location is setup as a Default Customer record.

Default Customer Search Field

Select the search field that is highlighted by cursor position when the Customer Search screen is opened.

Default fulfillment Type per Channel

Identify each channel as either Take/Now or Ship/Later default fulfillment type. Take/Now option defaults to the Take/Now displaying unless inventory is not available. If there is no inventory then the Ship/Later option automatically displays. The Ship/Later option always displays with the Ship/Later display.

Default Payment Processor per Channel

Identify the default selected payment processor when performing a credit card transaction from the Payments window of the SOI.

Default Product Info Tab in Order Items

Select which of the four information tabs you want to have displayed first when opening the Order Items screen.

Default Product Search Field

Select the search field that is highlighted by cursor position when the Product Search screen is opened.

Default Warehouse per Channel

Identify the default warehouse to be used for automatic fulfillment. This is also referenced for the Transfer From functionality as such so that the designated warehouse does not display in Transfer From drop-down since that warehouse would be both the originating and destination warehouse.

Enable Transfer From

Activates the ability to access warehouses for the transfer of product for delivery from local warehouse/store. Can be setup per SOI channel. Also identifies a default shipping method for transporting product from originating warehouse/store to a destination warehouse/store.

Forward URL

Enter the URL that the SOI will forward to. This URL must contain any GET request variables as temp_order_num or order_num will be appended to the string automatically.

Gift Certificate Email Document

Select which document template will be used to notify the recipient of any gift certificate via email during completion of an order.

Gift Certificate Email Send

Determine if a gift certificate notification document is sent to the recipient of the gift certificate. A notification will only be sent if an email address is present for the recipient.

Google Analytics Enabled

Enable or disable Google Analytics on the SOI Last Step page.

Google Analytics Token

Enter the Google Analytics token on the SOI Last Step page.

Include All Warehouses

Enables you to select a not available for fulfillment warehouse for Take/Now products. This allows SOI fulfillment to occur and bypass system settings based on the fact that inventory is available in store even if the store is set as "not available for fulfillment."

Keycode Input Method

If "Select" is chosen, then in place of a keycode text input, a drop-down list of the active keycodes is rendered. For website keycode entry, within the keycode plug-in, there is the option to render keycodes as either a select drop-down or text input. All active keycodes are displayed in the drop-down list.

Limit Configurations to Valid Options

When set to YES, the drop-down list includes only configurations for existing inventory requirements.

Number of Receipts

This controls how many receipts are printed when clicking the Print Receipt button in the SOI.

Payment Processor Behavior per Channel

This setting controls whether the SOI only authorizes a credit card transaction or performs both an authorization and capture upon completing an order through the SOI. By selecting, "Authorize and Capture Take/Now Fulfillment Type Only," authorization and capture will be performed if all order items are fulfilled using Take/Now fulfillment type.

Personalization Display

Specify how personalizations should be rendered:

  • One set of personalizations per order item or,

  • One set of personalizations per order item unit

Quote Default Email Document

This will control which document template to use for sending Quote email.

Receipt Footer

Enter the text you want displayed on the receipt footer when clicking the Print Receipt button in the SOI.

Require Payment

The ability to require full payment or intended payment before an order is completed. When either Full Payment Required or Intended Payment Required is selected, the Complete Order button is disabled until a payment or intended payment is applied to the order total.

Require Value Card PIN

Identify with a YES (PIN is required) to allow users to differentiate between SOIs that are used for in-store sales from those used for phone/fax/email order entry.

Reserve Inventory per Channel

Identify whether each channel is able to reserve inventory.

Sales Reps Can Edit Customers They Don't Own

Enables all sales reps to work with all customers regardless of customer record assignments.

SOI Channels

Select the channels you want to make available from within the SOI.

Special Order URL

This is the URL of the Special Order script. This URL requires I$temp_order_numI to be present in the string. The temp_order_num variable will be parsed out so that the product that gets added will automatically be associated with the current temporary order.

Take Now Customer

Specify which customer account to obtain "shipping" information from for Take/Now SOI order items. This is managed at the sales channel level in order to correctly calculate sales tax for Take/Noworders that are associated with a customer record..





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