System Settings Overview

CORESense System Settings enable you to manage and configure information settings and process options for a variety of CORESense functionality. The settings are organized under the System Admin tab and the System Settings Manager.


System Admin Managers

The functional manager under the System Admin tab are described below.


Setting Function


Faceted Filter Administration

This function enables website visitors to progressively reduce a large group of products by selecting the desired attributes from various dimensions (or facets) of those items.

Facet Filter Profile Manager

Create Faceted Filter profiles for product assignment.

Firewall Manager

The Firewall Manager houses all the IP addresses for POS terminal, computer FTP, and UPS WorldShip connections.

Inventory Transaction Reason Manager

The Inventory Transaction Reasons Manager enables you to add and disable inventory transactions reasons.

Layaway Policy Manager

The Layaway Policy Manager enables you to create layaway policies that can be activated and deactivated as needed.

Location Access Policy Manager

The Location Access Policy Manager enables you to designate access options for each level of your location hierarchy.

Location Hierarchy Manager







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allows users to fully manage their own inventory labels and content.

My Custom Field Preferences

The My Custom Field Preferences enables you to customize the display of filters for a specific manager.

POS Replication Manager

Manages the status of existing POS terminal IDs; identifying last time replication occurred. New terminals can be created here and assigned to appropriate store location

Permission Manager

Manages system access levels and assignment to roles.

Receipt Manager


Role Manager

Manages permissions per role and creation of new roles.

System Settings Manager

Houses al list of other functional managers of the system.

Technical Configuration

The Technical Configuration Manager houses many of the system database tables.

User Account Manager

Entry point for new system users and user information updates. Point at which roles are assigned to individual users.



System Settings Manager

The following provides a listing of each system setting category:



Setting Function



The Accounting / Reporting screen sets the accounting and calculation methods used for reporting.


The Channels settings enable you to set:

  • Website defaults

  • Sales Order Interface (SOI) defaults

  • Point of Sale (POS) defaults

Company Information

The Company Information settings enable you to set:

  • Company contact information including support email addresses

  • Storage locations for product image paths

  • Best offer Calculations for promotions.


Custom settings provides a variety of options to include specific information into Back Office functions. This is where you can identify unique notifications, multi-media locations, META data details, navigation paths, and scheduler details.

Customer Management

The Customer Management settings manage customer’s exceeded credit limit order placement rules, campaign emails, sales representatives’ viewing and editing settings, and pricing tier names.

EFT Management

An Electronic Financial Transaction (EFT) is the process by which funds are transferred from one bank account to another account electronically.  The EFT Management screens provides access to managing information such as Merchant EFT data, set policy for invalid card swipes, and rules for PIN entry attempts.


This sections explains how to set the integration specific system settings. CORESense currently provides system settings for UPS®, FedEx®, eFax®. and Quickbooks®

Order Lifecycle Management

The Order Lifecycle Management function addresses the following three key areas:




Password and Failed Login Policy

The Password & Failed Login Policy enables you to set your company’s specifications for CoreSense User passwords and the company's failed login policy.

Payment Processors

This section enables you to set the payment processor device types for each sales channel.


The Products / Labels screen is where label formats and printer setup is managed.


Allows you to set global purchasing defaults for all purchase orders that when set will populate automatically when creating a PO. These can be overwritten per vendor under the Vendor Manager > Purchasing tab.

Returns Management

The Returns Management section implements company policy for returned products. In this section, settings include refunded payment options to the customer, email notification to the customer,  sale channel specific settings on how and where an item is to be returned, and the reason for the return.


Shipping settings cover the following areas:


Boxes - Set up box sizes used for shipping inventory to your customers.

Notification - Set the default order statuses and email templates used by the UPS® and FedEx® shipping carrier integrations.

Defaults - Default options for Shipment Manager and Shipping Cost Drivers

Delay - Set status options for various delay scenarios

TrueShip - If using TrueShip setup mapping to CORESense shipping methods

Validation - Packing validation options

Malvern - If using Malvernsetup mapping to CORESense shipping methods

Shipping Calendar - Create shipping calendars


A collection of administrator tools that should only be used by staff that is knowledgable and mindful of how the tools impact your CORESense Back Office.






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