Create and Update a Warehouse

Warehouse creation is setup using the Warehouse Manager. Before assigning attributes to a new warehouse, it is good practice to search on the name of the new warehouse to verify that the name has not already been assigned. The General Attributes for warehouses include:



Path: Back Office > Products > Warehouse Manager


Follow the steps below to assign general attributes to a new warehouse.





In the Filter By Warehouse box, enter a name for the new warehouse and click on the New Warehouse button.



Enter the address and phone number for the new warehouse in the fields provided. The Requires Liftgate field identifies whether the warehouse is being accessed for LTL deliveries, the default setting is NO.



Select the appropriate Location Hierarchy level for the new warehouse (review Location Hierarchy Overview).



If the new warehouse is going to be a Distribution Center, check the box provided. If the new warehouse is to be fulfilled by a Distribution center, select the appropriate location from the drop-down list.



In order to use Fedex SmartPost you must set the Fedex SmartPost Hub on the Warehouse and you must select the Hub closest to your warehouse.  



Click Apply to save the information.


If the new warehouse is to be used as a sourcing facility for other locations, select Yes and the location type.

Office - An office location, which may be used to store small quantities of inventory, typically for sample or display purposes.

Warehouse - A building specially designed for receipt, storage and handling of goods.

Store - A physical retail store location where consumers walk-in and purchase inventory.




Select the Fulfillment Priority from the drop-down list to choose the order in which the warehouse will be tapped for product sourcing.

ecxclamation.PNG  Important:

  • Fulfillment options selected in this area can be overwritten if a system setting option for Fulfillment Warehouse Selection Rule, has been selected in System Settings > Order Lifecycle Management > Production.

  • Once warehouses are designated as "Available for Fulfillment," orders are fulfilled by priority and inventory availability. If product is not available from highest priority level then the next priority level will fulfill order if inventory is available.


Click Apply to save the information.



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