CORESense Product Reviews

CORESense Product Reviews is our in-house product review tool that provides customers an opportunity to submit website product feedback. The functionality includes entering product reviews, displaying the reviews on the product detail page, displaying the average rating on product listings and detail pages, and customized review templates. The reviews are rendered as part of the page content, which provides SEO benefits that are not available from other comparable tools.


notes.gifNOTE: Initial Setup and Application fees apply.


Below is a comparison of CORESense Power Reviews capabilities compared to third-party options.


CORESense capabilities...

Third-party options...

  • Flexible, client specific ratings  structure

  • SEO benefit: Review text rendered  with page content for unique  content and keyword density

  • Moderation via CORESense back office

  • Ability to import existing reviews from other integrations, e.g. Power Reviews Enterprise

  • Follow-up emails requesting reviews

  • Advanced display controls

  • Pagination

  • Sort

  •  Additional features

  •  Q&A

  •  Image uploads

  •  Social Networking interface


Basic Functionality

Listed below are the options for the following CORESense Power Review functionality:


Write a Review

The write a review functionality includes the following:





Website Display






Product Review Manager

Once setup is complete, the Product Review Manager is available under the Product tab and provide the following options for moderating reviews:





Export Reviews from Power Reviews Express


If you are switching from Power Reviews Express to CORESense Reviews, follow the steps below to export your existing reviews.







Create Review Followup Templates

When using product reviews, you can setup scheduled emails to remind customers to enter a review on a designated website. This is managed from System Admin> Technical Configuration > Product Review Followup Templates  table.







Enter the associated Channel ID.


Enter the number of days you want the email to be sent after the order has been shipped.


Enter ID of the template you created specific to requesting customer product reviews.


Enter the website ID that you want the customer to link to in order enter the review.


Mark with a "y" to make active.









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