Display Error

This plug-in is used to display errors when users have not entered all required information. The Display Errors plug-in will show messages for success or error when various forms are processed.


notes.gifNote: A plug-in editor does not exist for this plug-in, so edits can be done directly within a template which you can call from other templates for showing success or error messages.  You can also create generic success and failure plug-in instances to be used by all your forms.


Plug-n Attributes





The plug-in will show success messages or error messages based on if you specify true for success or not.


The holding template that will be used for messages.  This template must contain the text {$errors}.


The template that will be used per message.  This template must contain the text {$error_message} and {$error_link}.


The template for coupon success only.



Plug-in Example Call For Error:

{display_errors holding_template='form_errors' row_template='form_error_row'}

Plug-in Example Call For Success:

{display_errors holding_template='password_success' row_template='password_success_row' success=true}




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