Previously Ordered Items

Allows website customers to view items purchased from previous orders.  This plug-in can be used anywhere on the website, within the My Account pages. The plug-in provides the following functions:

·         Product display allows for full configuration of product data available within the Back Office.

·         The base design displays a thumbnail image, product name and pricing (base/sale).

·         When product is selected, the user is re-directed to the related product page for   possible future purchase.

·         Customers can remove items from the list via a remove link.


Implementation Steps

The plug-in is of the type "My Account."  Follow the steps below to add the plug-in to a website.





Click the plug-in tab.


Click the New button next to My Account. 


The plug-in has 2 configurations and 3 HTML capable templates. To control the overall layout of the plug-in, add HTML to the template you wish to have the plug-in display. i.e. customer_account_page.



  1.  Remove Button uri - Create an image for removing an item from previously ordered items plug-in.

  2.  Upload the image to a directory on your FTP and reference the relative path of the image.  i.e. static/images/removebutton.jpg.

  3.  Product Limit - Specify the number of products that you want to display.  Note, the most recently purchased items will display first.



Allows the previously ordered items module to support filtering products by name, price, order date, and frequently ordered products.


  • To support filtering,  javascript must be configured correctly for the plug-in.
    • The select drop-down must have the field name = "filter_by"

    • The option values of the select drop-down must be one of: "price_descending", "name_ascending", "name_descending", "frequency", "recently_descending", or "recently_ascending"

  • To access the configuration for a product, the variable $product_configurations in Smarty has been assigned and must be accessed using a for each loop,
    • e.g. {foreach from=$product_configurations item=option }

      {$option->get_label()}: {$option->description}

  • In order to make sure a user isn't being presented with links to product pages that no longer exist, the search should be set to eliminate inactive products.




  1. Header Template (optional) - add HTML to display above the product listing.  i.e. <h3>Previously Ordered Items</h3>

  2. Product Template - add HTML for the individual product layout i.e. <a href="{product_url}"> <img src="{product_thumb}" width="101" alt="{product_name}" /></a> <br /><a href="{product_url}">{product_name}</a>

  3. Footer Template (optional) - add HTML to display below the product listing




Note: If you have any questions about this plug-in or how to implement it beyond the information provided here, contact CORESense Customer Support.





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