Product Layout

This plug-in controls the layout of a product listing.

Implementation Steps

Follow the steps below to add the plug-in to a website.





Results Per Page (Required) - Specifies how many products display on the page. If the number of products exceeds the results per page setting, page navigation will display.


Initial Order By (Optional) - This is the order of which products will display.


Navigation Template (Required) - Defines the wrapper HTML for the page navigation.

Available tags for this template are:

{page_links} - This places the page navigation links within this template.


Holding Template (Required) - Defines the holding HTML for the entire product layout plug-in.

Available tags for this template are:

{page_navigation} - Places the output driven by the "Navigation Template" above.

{product_listing} - Places the output of the product listing.

{$product_N} - The actual product placement. The format is {$product_N} where "N" is the number of the next product to be placed (example: {$product_1}). Values for "N" range from 1 until the initial results per page.

{$product_count} - Number of products returned.

{$num_pages} - Number of available pages.


Product Cell Template - Defines what the product cell looks like. The output of this is rendered in the {$product_N} tags as defined above. Any product tags can be used here.






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