Product Listing

This plug-in displays a list of products.  The list can be generated by searching or can be a straight list of products (by category, for instance). It controls the type of list: list or gallery, initial results per page, display order of products and page templates. 

Note: In the responsive starting point the plug-in is called "default_product_listing". 



View All Display


Support for a new 'view all' product listing has been added. There is no modification to the current category page, nor are there any new templates. The difference is that for category pages (for categories which directly have category products), users can append '?view_all' to the end of the URL in order to trigger the product listing for that category so that ALL products in that category are rendered.


For example: If a current category for Mens' Slippers is setup as ','when landing on this product listing, sixteen products display because of the assigned  page size in the product listing plug-in setup. If the "View All" function is used and includes a link on the product listing page like <a href="">View All</a>, then once that is clicked the page will refresh and ALL products in the category will be rendered at once.


This will also be considered the 'canonical' page for the category, but only IF the category HAS products in it, AND it is found that the user is utilizing a product listing (this is done in the background). A canonical page is an SEO term for a page which is a super set of 'child' pages (Vew All being the super set of pagination). Search engines like these, and they have been found to be a boon to user experience (as pagination can be poor). Because it is the canonical page of the category the sitemap has also been modified to use the ?view_all appended URL as the sitemap's entry for that category.


It is recommended that users add the link tag described above somewhere on the category page so that is it 'crawlable' by search engines (which increases SEO rankings). This can be done on the website in Smarty as follows:

<a href="{category_url}?view_all">View All</a>

Note: The actual product listing plug-in that is used on the category page may need to be re-saved (modified and saved again, then published if wanted in live) in order for this new feature to work.



Navigation Template

This template displays the navigation.  The actual page links are not customizable.  You must place in {page_links} to see the page links (you can prepend or append it with PAGE: or any static content). Do not place in {page_navigation} or you will get an infinite loop.


Product Listing Holding Template

For page link navigation, use {if !empty($page_navigation)}{page_navigation}{/if}.   




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