Related Products

This plug-in displays cross-sells and/or up-sells for a given product, or for product in the shopping cart. The Related Products Plug-in displays a listing of product cross-sells or up-sells. If displayed on a product page, it displays all product cross-sells or up-sells. If displayed on the shopping cart page, it displays cross-sells or up-sells for all order items. Product up-sells are usually requested to be shown on a product page and cross-sells are usually requested to be shown on a shopping cart page.





Implementation Steps

Follow the steps below to add the plug-in to a website.





Click on Related Product Plug-in.


 Type in the Plug-in Tag Name (this is the tag you will use to add it on the product detail page), it's recommended to use the plug-in name.


Set your desired settings for the following:

  • Cross-sell, up-sell or digital (select purpose)

  • Initial order by 1(select how you want the products displayed)

  • Number of Columns (choose either rows or columns)

  • Number of Rows (choose either rows or columns)


Select the Use Existing Template radio button and set the following existing templates:

Header Template: product_page_related_purchases_header_protected

Footer Template: product_page_related_purchases_footer_protected

Row Header Template: product_page_related_purchases_row_header

Row Footer Template: product_page_related_purchases_row_footer

Product Cell Template


Click Save. At this point the plug-in is configured and the tag is created based on what you typed for the "Plug-in Tag Name".


Switch to the Templates tab


Click the + sign to expand "Product" and click Edit next to product_page


Add the tag you just created where you want to display the related products.
Example: {plugin_tag_name}


One you complete the steps above, you can preview the changes to view unstyled related products that appear on the product page. You can add CSS or even basic HTML to the templates within the plug-in to adjust the look and feel.






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